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  1. Thank you. Recently found this: " O Earth, weigh lightly upon me, I trod so lightly upon thee" Greek Epitaph " My dancers fall that they might rise" Martha Graham.
  2. All dances are too long. - Doris Humphrey I demand of the dance that it reveal the divine in man. - Doris Humphrey
  3. It was said that Tudor " could choreograph to the very eyelash.
  4. Such a rich, evocative, description of the Russian émigré teachers, their quirks, temperaments, nature of their classes, seen through such a personal lens. What an experience and heritage you have Richard!
  5. What a subject!.I am reminded of the Judgement of Paris.Dosteyevsky said "Beauty will redeem the world" Thomas Aquinas said "Beauty is the spendour of order"It seems ever so slightly unworthy to compile a list out of so many many luminaries but since so many others have , a compelling precendent has been set.I rest my case! Allegra kent Tanaquil leClerq Diana Adams Kyra Nichols Ekaterina Maximova Olga Spessisteva Natalia Bessmertnova Susan Jaffe Amanda Mckerrow Aurelie Dupont Incomplete I know but it is hard to number the radiant stars in the dancing galaxy.All I know is that if a s
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