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  1. The Met paid approximatley $2.6 million of the settlement, and its insurers paid the rest -about $900K, -according to the article.
  2. I think NYCB should follow ABT's lead and promote some dancers, despite the pandemic. There are many soloists who are deserving of elevation, and also a few in the corps who deserve to be soloists.
  3. I keep a mental list of the most astonishing Broadway performances I have seen. Her Medea in the late 90s was astonishing.
  4. Sarah's husband Luis Ribagorda is still listed on the roster.
  5. I was able to log into my NYCB account and see my subscription dates for Spring 2021. May 23, 2021 at 3PM is listed as Maria Kowroski's Farewell. I hope we can all return to the theater to give her a proper farewell.
  6. https://www.inquirer.com/obituaries/peter-martins-obituary-new-york-city-ballet-pennsylvania-20200814.html
  7. thanks for posting the Oropesa clip. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do an encore of that aria.
  8. Mariinsky was supposed to return for its annual KC visit, but I guess they were scheduled for Fall and couldn't arrange to reschedule for the Spring.
  9. NY Philharmonic has canceled all performances through Jan 5, 2021.
  10. For those who were disappointed by Lincoln Center suddenly, indefinitely postponing various dance week offerings, they have done the same with their theater offering. The stream of Carousel that was supposed to be begin tonight was yanked, to be presented at some unspecified future time.
  11. If New York City ballet was trying to do a good deed in seeking to redirect people to offerings by Alvin Ailey and DTH, as suggested by some of the above posts, this would be the height of arrogance on their part. It assumes that these companies need NYCB's help in order to attract people to online streams offered by these companies. Alvin Ailey has a huge following all over the world, and they sure don't need NYCB's help. It also assumes that if people have limited time to watch a free stream, they would automatically pick NYCB, so NYCB must step aside in order to avoid competing for viewer attention with Ailey or DTH.
  12. Not really sure why a stream on Monday would be impacted by Blackout Tuesday.
  13. Met Opera has cancelled all shows in the fall. The plan is to reopen on Dec 31 with a gala.
  14. I think the stars they had during the late 90s/early 2000s were equal in quality to the stars on 42 years ago (Ananiashvilli, Ferri, Corella, Carreno to name just a few). It is only in recent years that standards and quality have taken such a downturn.
  15. Yes, that was her final performance. Mr. Abatt wanted to go, but I voted no because we would be seeing it at the Met in the spring so it didn't pay to spend the money to go to DC. Obviously, that decision backfired.
  16. I read the interview the same way as ABT Fan - that Abrera does not intend to return for a farewell after the pandemic. Hopefully McKenzie will convince her to do a farewell once ABT can resume performances. I guess we will know in the fall, when they update the roster of dancers. What a shame.
  17. I'm very excited about this SAB workshop stream on June 1. This apparently will include Mira Nadon's acclaimed performance as the lead in Scotch Symphony. Every critic review I read raved about it. Thank you SAB.
  18. ABT did Anastasia for one season many years ago, with Viviana Durante as a guest artist I believe. It ranks among the worst ballets I've ever seen. Not even the starry Ms. Osipova could motivate me to watch it again, ever.
  19. I tuned in for the last few minutes of the gala. It was disappointing. Every other ballet company has managed to show extended portions, or entire ballets, from past performances. Why is ABT the only company that isn't doing that? Do they not have any past performance video to share? Is there a legal reason they can't do it? Glad I didn't waste a full hour or more on this. I switched into the sublime digital offering on the NYCB website, and it lifted my spirits.
  20. Not sure if this was already posted. Free streaming of Raymonda tomorrow on Mariinsky TV. (Tereshkina, Paris)
  21. I think NYCB will try to keep the same number of total performances, but attempt to cram as many weeks as possible into 2021 in the hope that this pandemic will abate in a few months. For example, if it could be worked out that shows during the winter and spring 2021 season added some Sunday evening performances because the fall season is cancelled, that could help to get the company on financial track. I think a lot also depends on how many weeks the Koch is available in 2021. I know they previously rented several weeks in January and March to Shen Yun, and at least one week in April usually is a rental to YAGP.
  22. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/05/arts/insurance-claims-coronavirus-arts.html
  23. This has become a trend at NYCB. There are a lot more short women in principal roles that would look better on a taller woman. For me the most egregious examples of this trend is putting Tiler Peck in as Terpsichore.
  24. Other arts organizations have announced that their top people are either taking no salary or that their executives are taking steep pay cuts during the pandemic. For example, Peter Gelb announced back in March that he is taking no salary until Met Opera can resume performances, and that all of the executives at the Met Opera are taking pay cuts. Does anyone know if McKenzie has similarly offered up his salary to take care of the dancers? I recognize that McKenie's earnings are nothing close to Gelb's.
  25. The Joyce is the presenter of Pacific Northwest Ballet at the Koch. It's probably only a matter of time before they announce that cancellation.
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