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  1. I can't imagine Ahn as Albrecht. He is strong technically, but from what I've seen he is not much of an actor. I guess that will improve over time.
  2. This is certainly Forster's big chance at a promotion, with all of these new important roles. Fingers and toes crossed that he stays healthy and does well in all of these assignments. The amount of new material he will be learning for the spring season seems overwhelming.
  3. Interesting economics dynamic. Did ticket sales fall so much that McKenzie knew he hadt to bring in the big guns like Osipova, Smirnova and Kim to boost sales? I'm looking forward to seeing Osipova more than Hallberg, but they arrive as a package deal apparently. Also, since every performance of SL is usually a sell out regardless of who is performing, they finally bit the bullet and added more shows to improve overall sales. No Don Q or Corsaire is a surprise. I'm adopting a wait and see attitude on the new Ratmansky. Fortunately it will be reviewed out of town before it comes to NYC, so we can at least get some idea of its quality. I hope it is not a one hour 15 minute ballet that they are stretching out to be two acts, as they have often done. Sad to see that Herman is no longer dancing Desire. His performance of the difficult solo in the wedding act was impeccable, and nobody else who did the role at ABT came close to Herman's breathtaking performance.
  4. And Hallberg is now down to two shows in an 8 week season. That's half the number of shows he is doing at the Royal Ballet.
  5. Sadly, Cornejo is again cast in SL with Copeland. I would like to see him again in this role, but..... Ahn got one lead. I already closed out of the calendar so I have already forgotten what role. Senior moment.
  6. Not a problem. Good news should be repeated often! Calvin got two Romeos and an Albrecht!! Gorak got back his Romeo role for one show, and also got two Deisire performances. Hoven and Hammoudi got zip. added: Shevchenko is getting one Giselle (plus a Myrta).
  7. If you click on the names of individual dancers on the company website, you can see what roles they have scheduled for spring. Example, Hurlin is getting Aurora in the spring. Forster gets two SL!! and Albrecht and Romeo!! Trenary got a Juliet And Lane Finally gets a Juliet!
  8. Smirnova, Osipova and Kim - OH MY! I'm there. I can't get that grid attachment to open.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/13/arts/dance/review-abt-american-ballet-theater-swan-lake-isabella-boylston-alban-lendorf.html Maybe, but the issues with her torso and neck have been noticed, at least by the NY Times, as a negative limitation on her success in certain roles.
  10. Partner implies exclusivity. That's not the nature of the Melanie Mick relationship. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7595963/Film-producer-Noor-Alfallah-25-insists-age-didnt-matter-dating-Sir-Mick-Jagger-76.html
  11. Liaison being a refined manner of saying Mick's (most recent) baby mama.
  12. I think that when Ratmansky is present and preparing dancers for a new work, he must point out all of the flaws and problems. Once the revival of the work comes, there is probably nobody paying attention to the details of how Boylston is performing the the work. All of those awful tendencies just creep back into the performance, unchecked.
  13. Agree completely. Devon was again excellent in T&V. She danced with more freedom and joy than on opening night. Also agree about Stella. The Spirit of the Corn looks like an athletic romp of jumps and spins when Boylston does it. Abrera brings elegance and eloquence to the role that was completely lacking in Boylston's performances. I missed Hurlin in Winter (Hail) from the Seasons though. The role she does in Winter requires break neck speed, and last night it looked labored and slow.
  14. I have a question about the Mariinsky's performance of Emeralds. I see in the casting that only two leads are listed for that ballet. Does the company omit the section that Balanchine added to 'Emeralds' in 1976 = an extra duet and a septet that ends with three men each sinking poetically to one knee. I know that they omitted that section when the Mariinsky (Kirov) toured their Jewels in the US in the arly 2000's (around 2002). Do they continue to omit the 1976 additional choreography?
  15. Yes, I remember Nichols and Miranda Weese as the ballerinas in T&V at NYCB back in the day - both commanding Ballerinas with a capital B. I really don't understand the current trend in casting T&V at NYCB. I too would love to see some taller ladies cast in T&V. It is said that short guys can better handle the demanding male solo, but I have vivid memories of Damian Woetzel thrillingly dancing the male lead.
  16. The announcement of the Spring season should be very interesting. It seems that there will be many debuts in important lead roles. Anyone know what is happening with Hammoudi. He seems to have disappeared.
  17. So did everyone catch Melanie's observation that promotions at ABT are "political".
  18. With respect to the comparison of ABT and NYCB in T&V, NYCB has been casting soubrette types in the lead role for a very long time - Megan Fairchild, Tiler Peck, Bouder. For me, it is always interesting to see a regal type of ballerina take on the role, such as Devon Teuscher.
  19. That first Giselle, with Shkylarov, was exceptional. It was much better technically than her Giselle two years later at Marcelo Gomes's 20th Anniversary. I assume she will be paired with Whiteside, since he is partnering her in her Feb. 2020 D.C. Giselle performance. I would like, however, to see her dance with Hallberg just once.
  20. If they do Don Q early in the season, Abrera will probably be Mercedes. They don;'t announce that info until much closer to the performance date because it's a secondary role.
  21. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/21/arts/dance/stella-abrera-retiring-from-ABT.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront Here is a related article in the NY Times on Stella's decision to retire. Catch her as Spirit of the Corn tomorrow if you can. Her interpretation and performance is very different from Boylston's interpretation of the same role. No surprise there!
  22. Gorak had trouble lifting Xiomara Reyes in a Cinderella performance years ago. This is a continuous issue for him.
  23. Personally, I didn't notice any significant problems in Lane's performance last night, except that there were a few moments when she was off the music. I thought she did quite well in the role overall.
  24. The music at ABT for Balanchine ballets is always played at a glacial pace compared to NYCB.
  25. I enjoyed the Twyla ballet more on the second viewing, because I decided to ignore the character names in the program for each dancer and just focus on the dance. I still felt that the costumes were a negative distraction. Aside from Gorak's error at the very end when he was unable to lift lane to his shoulder, his double tours were sloppy. I think he did about 4 and gave up. There was still plenty of music left when he should have been doing additional double tours. Instead, he raised his arms and lowered himself to one knee to assume the final position of that section of the choreography. His performance explains why he will never move up to principal Awful. If ABT doesn't have men who can handle the demands of a ballet, they should not perform the ballet. How this company has declined. Their male roster used to be the best anywhere. The Seasons was utter brilliance. Loved it. It is a masterpiece. By the way, I don't regard McKenzie's hesitation in casting short dancers in certain roles as paternalism. In fact, I wish McKenzie would exercise more discretion in assigning roles. As an example, I feel that both Cornejo and Copeland are too short for their roles in Apollo. One size does not fit all for ballet roles. Sometimes length of the limbs is part of the aesthetic of the choreography.
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