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  1. Thank you for the interesting information. That must be so exciting to work with the Royal Ballet. I have a question for you regarding costumes if you don't mind. How many costumes are there for the same female principal role, Kitri for example. Is there only one that all of the female leads share or do they each get their own? I've always wondered about that sort of thing and how all the costumes are kept clean. Thank you!
  2. I'm not sure if anyone one mentioned Cynthia Gregory or not. One would think it would be simpler to keep their hair long but maybe the long hair tends to get damaged from so much styling, etc.
  3. I'm a bit of a ballet nerd and spend hours doing fantasy ballet by myself!
  4. ElizabethC

    Ashley Tuttle

    Hopefully she is doing well. I was disappointed when she left the ABT. She was such a lovely dancer!
  5. Hello fellow ballet lovers! I am so grateful to have such a forum where my favorite subject can be discussed by other people who have great information and views to share. I studied ballet for many years in Maryland and Washington, DC and have followed it closely ever since. Unfortunately an eating disorder prevented me from becoming professional but luckily there is a lot more information available for young dancers these days. My favorite company is the ABT!! If anyone has seen any of their current performances at the MET, I'd love to hear about it! ElizabethC
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