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  1. Sorry for the delayed reponse bart! The dancers need not be contemporaries -- we're mixing leagues (companies) and time I also have to add Morris' Sylvia with Miyako Yoshida (Royal) and Gennadi Nedvigin (SFB) or Mikhail Sharkov (Bolshoi). A Swan Lake (version TBD) with Nadja Gracheva and... ??? sandik -- love the alternate!
  2. Peggy R, you captured my feelings precisely for this program (esp with West Side Story Suite), despite having seen a different cast! Can't agree more For variety-sake, this is an interesting program, but there is very little actual dancing; it ends up being less interesting, content-wise. bummer. Saw the March 8 evening show. Fancy Free (with Molat, Anderson, Karapetyan; Elizabeth, Zahorian, Olson) was fine. Davit Karapetyan suits this trio better (than last year's casting), and they look good together. This piece is more difficult to pull off than I thought. Everyone has to be "into it"
  3. Thanks for starting us off Peggy R! And please, don't undermine your opinions -- we're all allowed to write and express ourselves (we saw it, and felt something), regardless of our day time profession Funny enough, I saw the same show. I went based on the casting that was posted online, but there were several changes... (*ahem*) The webmaster is slacking a bit this season...? By the way, did Vadim Solomakha really partner Yuan Yuan at the end of Nutcracker '07? I was a little confused by that "guest appearance" but didn't attend to verify. Sorry for the aside. Divertimento #15 I genera
  4. Peggy, that's so great (I wanted to go, but couldn't), thank you for sharing! I think she getting soloist roles here and there, more so in the recent seasons, such as Kitri's friend for the full production Don Q, a 2007 piece Concordia which features 2 couples, a fairy variation for Sleeping Beauty (though the entire fairy cast was made up of soloists/corps members and one new principal) -- as far as I've seen. For 2008 Giselle, I suppose the only soloist roles would be 1 of 3 female roles in the pas de cinq or a Willie soloist? Myrtha!! But I can imagine Helgi casting his vision of "Muri
  5. Right, I suppose they filmed several sessions for a reason (why broadcast those performances with troubles)! I've just seen it happen so many times and I also happened to go on a night when they were experiencing a huge number of technical difficulties and the prince was stuck in his jacket at the wrist for 4 minutes. Kochetkova & Karapetyan are a newer but technically superb pair; I wonder if they will make these available for sale...? Wish you could've seen Frances Chung and Jaime Garcia Castilla too -- very beautifully clean dancing with wonderful acting!! They should be another good p
  6. I had no idea they were broadcasting this production I do agree that Maria Kochetkova is quite lovely; I look forward to seeing more this season. As for Tea, I wonder if you saw Daniel Deivison or Nicolas Blanc? The up and coming Deivison was impressive -- possibly the best -- when I was him this week. Blanc is often casted in this role as well. I also think this entire production is very rushed (the party scene steps are literally too fast for the young dancers) and was surprised to see a lot of kids who are unable to listen to music. The School is so strict, how is this allowed, I wonde
  7. Courtney Wright of SFB should've been promoted to Soloist by now!! The promotions at SFB are strange IMO, I rarely agree with the timing. She's beautiful and we deserve to see her in more prominent roles!!!
  8. While dance is not a sport and there are no statistics to keep track of, wouldn't it be great if we could pick our dancers for a favorite piece? In the real world, I believe this is called a gala organized by powerful people... but if I were to pick: I would LOVE to see Nacho Duato's Romanso with Steven McRae (Royal), Jaime Garcia Castilla (SFB) and Ikolo Griffin (Smuin Ballet). All 3 on one stage would be too much for me to handle; ga-ga!!!
  9. Hello FauxPas, I hesitate to jump in b/c I haven't seen full productions of Sylvia other than Morris'. I read a lot of reviews here and elsewhere of people despising MM -- whoa! But I actually enjoyed it a lot. I thought his story line was very clear and perfectly nuanced. SFB (Tomasson ballets actually) often has too much deliberate miming or acting, but Morris suggests just enough. Of course his Sylvia is a contemporary ballet, though Act III is jam packed with some crazy hard combinations for the main couple (esp Aminta). I wrote a lot for SFB's 2006 Season, though I won't reiterate t
  10. to add a little more... Kitri & Basilio Wow... what a season. I was envisioning this program of DonQ to have possibly two additional couples, so it amazed me that in the end, 3 couples danced 9 shows. I really admire how the dancers shifted and filled in where necessary. I saw the opening nights of each couple, so they may have developed more with their second and third+ shows. Casting-wise, I thought Vanessa Zahorian and Davit Karapetyan were a good pair and technically compatible. There's a lot of room for their character development and I didn't really feel the energy or the c
  11. uh... good call; better for me to say "common in my experience." The beginning of SFB's wedding pdd is the first I've seen danced that way so I thought all others I've seen are traditional. Maybe I've only seen the typical format performed as a gala piece by other companies. I'm used to the [tombee pas de bourrée][pas de chat][pirouette] repeated twice more where SFB cuts it; then the [développé lift][front attitude][soussous][step up en dehors] repeated with chaînés where SFB has an across the floor side by side grand jeté... which doesn't excite me. Also, it's interesting that Vanessa and T
  12. Muriel's farewell performance on May 6, 2007: 2nd movement from GLASS PIECES (with P-F Vilanoba and corps) pas de deux from AGON (with Tiit Helimets) "The Alaskan Rag" from ELITE SYNCOPATIONS (with James Sofranko) == intermission == THE DYING SWAN pas de deux from CONTINUUM (w/ Damian Smith) part I from ARTIFACT SUITE (w/ PFV & Kristin/Pascal and corps) The name escapes me, but my most memorable piece of Muriel's is a duet performed at the 2005 gala... the music was electronic(?) and she was spectacular... wish I could have see that again. Muriel has always had such a wonderful
  13. Thanks for that comment! I think DonQ itself is a good full length for SFB (its energy and characters/dancing required), but this particular version (Gorsky and Petipa plus Tomasson/Possokhov) can use a lot more "remodeling". The transitions aren't smooth, especially in Act 1, where we just move from one set of dancers to the next, often in a cut and paste style. and I don't want a master of ceremonies to fill the space either... just some choreography to accentuate the adjacent variations and allow the story to flow better. I like the pdd but the juxtoposition with the tone of gypsy woman
  14. Have you read Rachel Howard’s review in SFChronicle re: the midseason slump? She captured my sentiments precisely. I really appreciated her honest critique. I must add that the slump doesn't refer to the dancing, it's more on piece selection/programs as a whole. http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c...ype=performance While her review was about Program 6 (On Common Ground, Night, Rodeo), I found it applicable to Program 7 as well (Elemental Brubeck, Concordia, Symphony in C). Rodeo is a fun, crowd-pleasing piece to end a program, so I won’t comment on it; it suits SFB well, I think.
  15. Program 5 (I agree with much of BalletNut's review above) I generally like Morris' works, but Pacific is not his best and SFB dancers don't look good in it. This piece should get rid of the pointe shoes and be all-out modern, as triplets should be done on flat/bare. I especially don't like the arms, as when the women have clock-like straight arms in diagonal as they traverse en pointe since they look stiff and awkward. Those parts would have more flexibility/mobility/expansion if the dancers are not on pointe. Rory Hohenstein was the only one who rocked this piece. There are a few repea
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