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  1. I recently participated in a similar walk with my son. It was a great experience.
  2. You are right. I went with my son ( ) and was amazed of how excited the audience (basically spanish-spoken) gets. The final dance from Sleeping Beauty was beautiful.
  3. Vivian

    Hello everyone!

    Hi!. My name is Vivian. I'm an elementary school art teacher , and I love ballet. I was a History of Art teacher in my native country, Cuba, for 27 years and i currently live in Miami Fla. Today I went to a Swan Lake performance. It was something UNFORGETTABLE. The ballerina doing Odette/Odile ( sorry, I'm bad remembering names...have to look for her name later) was so good!!! After the performance I went backstage and saw her . She looked so fragile.. contrasting with the tremendous temper that she showed onstage!. With this kind of performance, ballet will be forever an exquisite and vivid art for sure. Anyways, i hope to learn a lot from this site. (I was already reading some topics and wow, i feel a little intimidated). Regards: Vivian
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