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  1. Natalia: I searched amazon.com but could not find that announcement. There is, however, another DVD which is "Alicia Alonso: Giselle, La Leyenda", but that's another story. Do you think a link would work?
  2. You were at that performance! I'm sorry I missed it, I was already in the USA. (I'm glad you broke the doors!). I'll let you know if I receive any new information.
  3. CORRECTION!!! I need to correct what I said. I went back to the source and, somehow it was "lost in translation" before. This is what Maya Plisetskaia is saying in that interview: As we can see now, Maya is not talking about white or black but about woman or swan. I bolded the words where the confusion must have come from. So the switch I was talking about was not from white to black but from a female character to a swan. I'm sorry I brought the incorrect information, that's why I need to correct it now, but at the same time I'm glad I'm bringing a new interesting point.
  4. Mel: I am not sure at what exact point in the history of the Swan Lake it happened. The 1877 was black as you say but somehow they were wearing the white dress even for the third act until the made the definite switch. That was explained by Maya Plisetskaia in an interview.l
  5. cubanmiamiboy: The Kirov ballet recently brought to the Met in New York city the "restored" staging of their original "Bayadere" (they did the same with The Sleeping Beauty). The difference with the ballet we've seen in the theatres and videos is amazing. I haven't seen this "original" version on DVD. From the commercially available Bayaderes, there are 2 which I would recommend because they are "standard", both staged by Natalia Makarova for the Royal Ballet and for La Scala. Either of these two DVDs is wonderful, it's a matter of choice about the cast. The La Scala recording came out r
  6. nin one: One more detail I can add now about Odile is that it was not originally a black swan. Odile's tutu was white as Odette's. The switch from white to black occurred in Western Europe at the beginning of the 20th century just to bring more dramatism to the character and to the situation by using the color symbolically.
  7. cubanmiamiboy and other friends: Alicia Alonso's full-length "Giselle" has been captured on video or film at least 3 times. First, the black-and-white movie that was filmed not live in the former Blanquita theatre (today "Carlos Marx") in Havana. The other 2 Giselles are live performances in the Teatro García Lorca in Havana. The first of these 2 was with Vladimir Vasiliev in 1980, when the diva was 60 years old, and the second one was a Gala for the 150th aniversary of the ballet "Giselle" in 1991 where Alicia (71 years old!!!) participated with all other prima ballerinas of the company,
  8. bart: I found the audio recording of Swan Lake I was talking about. I think it was produced in the early 70's with the USSR TV Radio Large Symphony Orchestra conducted by Guennadi Rozhdestvensky. I used to have the original LPs released by Melodiya records. This recording was released on CD in 1982 in the West by MCA Classics. This brilliant recording supposedly follows the original score. The music that we regularly hear today with the Black Swan pas de deux in theatres and recordings is in the first act of the original Swan Lake score and, of course, had nothing to do with the Black
  9. Sorry, bart, a few minutes after I replied I was thinking of the Paris Opera Swan Lake, which is also a Nureyev's version. The music that the Von Rothbarth dances in the middle of the Black Swan is in Tchaikovsky's original score, along with the music that Nureyev uses in his Vienna Swan Lake for the Black Swan. I have the original Bolshoi Ballet audio recording of the original score. I will tell you later where exactly that walz is.
  10. bart, the Swan Lake I have with Nureyev is the Vienna film, with Margot Fonteyn (Philips). I just played the entire Swan Lake and did not find what you say. Evidently, you are talking about another version. Which one is that?
  11. rq: I am afraid you are correct. I contacted pbs and they told me the same thing. They also gave me the number of that particular broadcast or program with the sad note that it is no longer available.
  12. I have... how many? 12 or 15 Swan Lakes on DVD and have seen the ballet innumerable times in the theatre. This is a hard question. The most mature, dramatic Odette/Odile is still Maya Plisetskaia, in my opinion. Gillian Murphy danced a seemless performance on the ABT DVD, that is technically speaking. Maybe the most lyrical and technically perfect second act was Alicia Alonso, whom I saw many times in the theatre.
  13. There are two versions of "Jardin aux Lilas" by Antony Tudor and both with the ABT: the one that was broadcasted in 1990 by pbs in Dance in America, under the title "A Tudor Evening", and the one that is on a commercial DVD, "American Ballet Theatre in San Francisco". I believe there is a third one with the Paris Opera Ballet. The version that was aired in 1990 is my favorite. It was filmed or taped in a studio with the most beautiful settings by Zack Brown that remarkably blends with the choreography, the music and the costumes. The soloiste were Leslie Browne, Martine van Hamel, Ricardo
  14. "Sylvia" remained a mystery to me for a long time. Despite the fact that the beautiful music Delibes wrote for this mythological theme has been one of the most popular all over the world since it was composed, the ballet was rarely seen in the theatres, not even in New York City. Nor was "Sylvia" available on film, VHS or DVD. To this day, no commercial version has ever been released on any of these two formats, as far as I know. However, the last 2 years changed my personal experience with this unlucky ballet and, somehow, resolved the “mysteryâ€. In 2005 the American Ballet Theatre i
  15. Thanks, Giannina. Yes, I've been in the ballet world for a long time so I have a lot to say . Mariano
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