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  1. I don't know that much about her, But didn't she prefer to dance barefoot?
  2. What exactly is the story of the Nutty Nutcracker? I Know a lot of people who like it, But I don't know the story of it.
  3. I Love the Nutcracker and each year I audition to be in it. I Usually don't buy tickets to go just because it cost to much for tickets. But I try to catch it when it comes on TV.
  4. I Guess you could say I was in Alice in Wonderland. You see, My school did a "Storybook Ballet." They just had little dances from stories, Like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and a few others. But one of them was Alice with the Queen of Hearts and her cards. I Played a card. It was a lot of fun to do. Since we were supposed to be strange, We didn't have to worry about turnout and pointing our toes.
  5. I Always thought it would be nice to choregraph a dance to Carol of the Bells.
  6. Did Tchaikovsky come up with The Nutcracker story himself, Or did he get it from a book? And if so, Who wrote the book?
  7. I'm a Liturgical Dancer. Being a Ballerina eally helps because they like you to be graceful. And because I'm a Ballet dancer, I'm graceful. They were just amazed at how high I could rise on demi-pointe! Anyway, The last time we danced was a t a Mass for Sept. 11th.
  8. I Love The Lord of the Dance! I Have it on tape. I Just love the music so much!!
  9. Jared Matthews went to my school. He's a very talented dancer. I never really knew him, He was several levels ahead of me. But he did come back and guest star in The Nutcracker my school put on. Last I heard, He is now a member of the main company. And he guessed starred with a company in Japan. I Think the performance was the Nutcracker.
  10. Right now I am reading J.R.R Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring." It's very good.
  11. Dancing Frog, Have you ever tried requesting books? Like with a yellow slip or something? Because that is what I do and I get tons.
  12. Well, Why not try ballet books? Because I love Ballet and I also like to read about it!
  13. The one that I liked the best was "Balanchines New Complete Stories of the Great Ballets."
  14. Well *Megs*, The only kind of tutu's I can draw, Are the ones that are stiff. I Can't draw the long fluffy ones either.
  15. Yes, That is the one I'm talking about, I Believe. It is the revised edition.
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