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  1. Now Cinderella is a performance that will be loved by all ages. The choreography is clever and very entertaining. The technique is not overshaddowed by the comedy, so you get to see the natural grace of the dancers still. I particularly loved Sonia. She fits the part so well. Best wishes and happy dancing!
  2. I am very curious to see whether Kain will treat the dancers the same way as Kudelka. From what I have heard, Kudelka was a very loving and respected director. I wonder whether Kain will direct with the same compassion?
  3. Ballet by the water was wonderful, as most of NBOC's pieces are. Chan is a great dancer and I am as well looking foward to her performances. I highly reccomend Ballet by the water for anyone who is thinking about going. The only disadvantage is that not all the dancers will be there, but it is still worth while.
  4. Yes!!! I'ts wonderful that they are touring so more people can see how great they are. They are also performing in the Detroit Opera house for anyone who lives in michigan. Best Wishes and happy dancing!
  5. I was wondering what people thought of NBOC's performances of The Contract. Personally I loved it. It was a subject that took great bravery to put into a ballet. Unfortunately the responses I heard from the surrounding audience members weren't too impressed. I don't understand. What about the ballet wasn't amazing? I would love to hear what other people think about The Contract.
  6. Yes Martine did perform opening night at BAM in New York. Unfortunately it was a rather small audience. Lamy was wonderful but The Contract is a ballet that a lot of people do not like because of the mature issue. I feel that The Contract was very under appreciated and deserved a much greater applause and audience then what it received in New York.
  7. I respect your feelings abou not liking Swan Lake, but I have to say that I think Kudelka did a brilliant job. It is hard to mess up a ballet when you have such great dancers at your finger tips. I find that the set was wonderful. It wasn't too distracting (as I find some ballets are) so you could really focus on the dancing. I could see that this ballet wouldn't be a good one for your youngsters to see. It requires a huge passion for ballet. This isn't your typical ballet that will please everyone. Swan Lake is performed wonderfully by the dancers. I really loved the corps work. It must be hard to stay so beautiful and alert during all the variations. This is a definite must see if you are a fan of Swan Lake.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I love to hear about "sexy rexy" whenever I can. You can also find pictures of some of the NBOC dancers in Pointe magazine. They are almost always in the magizine. I like the pictures of they company they put in Pointe magazine because they are not in the souvinere programs you get at the Hummingbird.
  9. I couldn't agree more. I am thrilled with the new season. It seems like an overall strong group of ballets that the dancers will do wonderfully. I look foward to the performances.
  10. I saw in an interview with Harrington that after his dance career he would like to pursue acting. I was excited to hear this because I can't get enough of his performances. However, I haven't seen him in anything. If anyone has seen Rex Harrigton acting I would love to know what he is doing since he has retired as a dancer.
  11. I agree. Thanks for posting it. I think it is a must read for all Harrington fans. He is a unique man and it was so nice to get to know more about him.
  12. I am so relieved Heather was promoted. She was dancing principal roles and it was necessary for her to get credit for her wonderful work. I love how she brings her own style to the world of dance and am very proud of her. She must be so happy to have accomplished so much. When she dances it looks like magic. Bravo Heather
  13. I think it is safe to say that Kain will do a great job as the new AD. Next to Tennant, she is the most famous Canadian dancer. She has experience in almost everything it requires to be a great artistic director. I look foward to the ballets she prepares and how they differ from Kudelka's.
  14. I think it is both sad and great that Kudelka is stepping down. He is a wonderful director, but Kain will do a great job. It's kind of funny because the National ballet school is also going through some drastic changes. They are about to move into a brand new school. The famous studio AB will be the new cafeteria! People have mixed feelings about this transition as with the stepping down of Kudelka. Did Kudelka plan his stepping down to be the same time as the school going through changes?
  15. I do agree with you....to an extent. I think that the reaction you get from listening to a composer's music is reflected off of the ballet you are watching. For instance, when you watch the Nutcracker you love the music because you connect it with Christmas time and the joy of imagination. Giselle on the other hand is a powerful ballet, but not very happy. When you finish watching the Nutcracker you feel happy, therefore you like the music. When you finish watching Giselle you are emotionally drained and sad at the same time. This will cause you to grow a not so fond feeling of the music. Therefore I feel that the impression of the music is affected by the mood of the ballet at which it is performed to.
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