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  1. All the Reichlen [snip] fans, would have dropped collective jaws if they had seen Gwyneth Mueller replace T.R. in Midsummer. She did an exellent job, whipped off 12 foutees and danced with alot of pizzaz. Congrads. Kyra Nichols might consider doing a Soto. She might make a good teacher. It was almost painful to see her dance Tatiana, after seeing Darci who is so beautifully ageless,and graceful. There must be more women in the company than ever before. Plenty of men too. When the stage is SO filled it's hard to tell most of time who is doing really well, and who is putting in time, searching for the million dollar smile and watching. I thought Romeo and Juliet was grand. I hope J. Taylor is really well. Perhaps she is so fair and frail she seems less than vibrant.
  2. All of T.Reichlen's fans would have been stunned to see Gwyneth Mueller replace Reichlen in an afternoon performance of Midsummer! She pulled it off even better with more pizzaz and 12 perfect foutees. On the other hand Kyra Nichols, replacing Darci Kistler was a huge mistake. She has had her day, there are SO many to take her place. Politely put, it's time to do a Soto, maybe overtime.
  3. Everyone seems to be off to some other place after either the 26th or the end of Saratoga. How do the dancers support themselves? Seems a very long lay-off for a dancer. Does it come down to a video and an exercise pad? Is it possible that Mr. Boal will need dancers to begin his new position? From his stage image and finale he looks to be a fine fellow to work with/for? Why isn't the company at least going SOMEPLACE? Will someone in the know or with suppositions have any thoughts? I worry about stuff like this.
  4. Kistler is truly the one supreme Titania. She is the most lyrical of all the Principals and her beautiful arm movements unique to her lovely style.
  5. Double quodos for Amar Ramasar. I've liked him ever since he first hit the boards as a very appealing skinny skinny kid. Can any one come up up with the funny dance he did with two other fellows wearing Asian straw hats?? About Megan Fairchild and Joaquin DeLuz. Small wonder they have so little charming dancing relationship! Wouldn't any one be ho-hum if you were forever paired for size or some other puzzling reason? Really makes poor Megan like a puppet. No spontaneity. Principals yet! Thanks to everyone for all the beautiful notes about Peter Boal. I felt as if I had seen it all, especially the picture of his little daughter, arms uplifted as the curtain fell. My last question is about Janie Taylor. Has anyone knowledge of when she will return? Work takes me to the city. Yippee then Rats." Double Feature" is NOT the Nutcracker.
  6. Loved the Emerald ballet. Couple things however ; think Bouder too short too unexpressive for a beautiful Jewel! No offence it's obvious she is on the fast track,and iIlike her in much of what she does. She is as much athlete as dancer. Come to think of it, almost all girls are pretty short compared to the Farrell days. What did we like? Suozzi dancing with Dronova(who is moth-like thin) and Keenan who dances and looks as fresh and glistening as morning dew. And the costumes were beautiful. It's great having Balletalert to talk over BYCB and casts.
  7. BALANCHINE wrote about Jewels giving many reasons as to its origins. After viewing his friend,Claude Arpels splendid collection of stones, and after all, as Balanchine is quoted as saying,"I am an Oriental, from Georgia in the Caucasus. I love emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires,too." ( However he wore a turquoise bracelet, given him by Maria Tallchief's father, always a favorite.' Emeralds' is written by Faure, from Pelleas et Melisande and Shylock '', beautiful ,melodious, lilting music, for a girl, young, dainty,and with an aura of For-get-me-nots. Having seen Glenn Keenan be this Emerald last winter I really look forward to being there again. I will concentrate more than before on Rubies and Diamonds,and write again.
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