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  1. For more informations about the Vinogradov 's version, you can read our review of this ballet in the " Other European companies".
  2. Thank you so much Natalia for your reports! They are really very nice and interesting. We like also very much Thomas Lund. He is a really great "master" of the Bournonville style!
  3. On the 22 of May, in the Maly ( Mussorgsky ) Theatre of Opera and Ballet in St. Petersburg, was represented a really pleasant reconstruction of " La Fille Mal Gardee ". This version by Oleg Vinogradov, was created in 1971 for this theatre and was a really big success ( first brillant main interpreters : Galina Pokrishkina and Nikita Dolgushin). The very difficult and acrobatic Vinogradov's choreography, was really impressive especially for the audience of that time. Even now, it is very difficult to imagine any artist to dance this so difficult version. This ballet was mantained in the Maly
  4. Hi Natalia ! It seems the music and some of the costumes were the same of "Princess Pirlipat".Obviously the choreography is different but...no good results ! Another useless production for the Mariinsky Ballet ! Very sad situation.
  5. It is really more and more painful to see how the credibility and the professionalism of the Mariinsky ballet is falling down after every performance. Obviously the fault is not of the artists because they are all professionals of high-level but only of a shameless direction who has the proud to stage this kind of performances on this stage. A clear exemple of the no competence and impudence of the ballet direction, is this " world premiere" of the "Magic Nut". Of course the Mariinsky Theatre, as every top company, wants to be very unique and original in comparison with the other world top-
  6. We don't think that Serghey Popov has danced main roles before. We have seen him only in the corps and sometimes in second roles and in "coriphees" roles. Unfortunately we didn't attend this performance of " Bakhcisarai" but it is difficult for us to imagine S. Popov in main roles. We think he is not quite ready for them yet. He has a very nice face but he is still technically faible with a too skinny legs without muscles. Besides his actor play is not still convincing. Maybe is still early for him. Let's wait .
  7. We don't know. We don't think so. In any case it seems that with Pavlenko everything is O.K.
  8. The same used to said of Vera Trefilova when she was stuck dancing cutesy roles like Manu & Fairy Canari, early on in her career. When she was finally given her chance to dance Aurora, she was seen as a true classical leading ballerina &, later, THE definitive Aurora of the Diaghilev ballet! Just because a dancer is shortish, cute of face & possessing a wide smile (when warranted) does not mean that she doesn't have the makings of a great ballerina in the great lyrical roles...and many feel that Evgenia Obratsova does. Unlike Sheshina & Kullik, Obratsova is proportionally lo
  9. What a beautiful joy, after this continuous indigestion of Balanchine's , Forsythe's repertory, to watch the main classicals ! Only now we can appreciate these events, when the main repertory is not so frequent like in the past. What a sad situation !!! It is also a so big pleasure to see a huge audience after the quite empty hall during the "modern" repertory. Maybe this is mean that the main classicals are still the only to rise the true interest of the public in Russia ( and, we think, everywhere). We only hope that the today's ballet direction, will uderstand it ! ACT FIRST: Unfortunate
  10. In any case, we don't think that Dumchenko is among the " smalls". She is quite tall !
  11. You are true Thalictum, the "small" ballerinas have to be proportioned ,with nice long arms and legs, that is why we have mentioned nice and gracefull dancers like Efremova, Ayupova, Badaeva or Ivanova. You are true about Obrastzova but we think that is very pretty and nice to watch in any case. The main thing for her , is never to be overweight to seems everytime proportioned .
  12. Natalia, unfortunately we didn't attend the last " Sylphide " with E.Obrasztova but we have seen her before in this role and we liked her very much. She is very pretty and light like a real "Sylphide".Her "Juliet" was also very sweet and touching. It is very conforting that the Mariinsky theatre has finally understood that needs also small ballerinas for the repertory and not only that the height is the only main thing in the classical ballet. Today it is becoming really impossible to watch on the stage "Sylphides", " Auroras", "Mashas" or "Juliets" etc. taller sometimes, than their partne
  13. For many people, the Soviet Era was destroying for all the type of arts: many restrictions, many forced changes, many artistic souls " killed". Sometimes this is true. For example, the Soviet authorities have "destroied" many masterpieces of the great choreographer Leonid Yakobson, that was forcerd to change them everytime for stupid rules. In any case he was so talent that he could give us the most beautiful exemples of great and genious choreography. Unforgettable his versions of " Spartacus", " Shurale" and all his choreography miniatures. Even now we can't find anything genious on our c
  14. Hi dear Natalia, we know that Kunakova is working just only with Tereshkina in the Mariinsky theatre but it seems she is not a great teacher even if she was a very good ballerina. Besides it seems that now the Mariinsky ballet is more attentive to the "modern" repertory and is forgetting the main classicals. For exemple in "Raymonda" the corps de ballet seems sometimes not really in a good form, with faible legs and feet. In the past, ballets like " Sleeping Beauty"or "Swan Lake", were represented twice a week so the troupe was always in the best dazzling form. Now, when this ballets are re
  15. Tereshkina is trained by Lubov Kunakova as far as we know. She is a very promising ballerina but maybe she needs to rehearse more or to work with another teacher. Her " Raymonda " was good but with many technical and style mistakes: no nice final poses, no really strong technique, no convincing manner. We' ll wait for her better performances.
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