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  1. thanks again RG for your reply to my post and the others. i was wondering what theatre the old paris opera replaced, rather than what theatre replaced it.
  2. does the SERGEYEV COLLECTION contain any notes from the imperial opera's production of gounods FAUST? i am curious if any notes exsist of the dances which were staged by petipa, particularly the WALPUGISNACHT divertissement with regard to the dances from operas contained in the collection, what is notated and how much?
  3. what became of the kirov ballet's 1994 staging of LA FILLE MAL GARDEE to Hertel's music? are their any productions in the world that still perform this version?
  4. i read that this ballet from the old imperial russian repertory will be performed newt month at the mariinsky, and i would like to ask is anyone in the forum has any information on the staging.
  5. i noticed while thumbing through my book of beaumont's book of ballets that the old PARIS OPERA - the THEATRE DE L'ACADEMIE ROYALE DE MUSIQUE, which burned down in 1873, was known under many names during its history, and most of these titles changed in only a short period of time. does anyone know the history of this theatre, who built it, and what theatre it replaced? it was known under many names - THEATRE DE L'ACADEMIE IMPERIALE DE MUSIQUE, THEATRE DE L'OPERA, and so on.
  6. track.22 - according to an article by rodney stenning edgecombe in the dance mag. BROLGA (DEC. 05 ISSUE 23), the variation in e major in 3/4 time traditionally danced by the white pearl in the GRAND BALLABILE DES NEREIDS, which is usually credited to pugni from saint-leons KONIOK GORBUNOK (HUMPBACKED HORSE), was composed by minkus for anna johansson in his revival of perrots 'ONDINE OU LE NAIAD' in 1892. edgecombe goes on to explain that since minkus had already left to vienna by that time, its not likely minkus composed the solo especially for her but rather she took it from another work. t
  7. I am not sure if this is the best place for this topic I was wondering what specific dances were restored for this version, and if the company will film thier production for commercial release? I would like to ask if the Stepanov notation expert could perhaps give us some insight, if possible, into the notes for petipas ROI CANDAULE (TSAR KANDAVL) and for his version of saint-leons KONIOK GORBUNOK (LITTLE HUMPBACKED HORSE) can he explain where he learned to read such a system?! i find it most extraordinary!
  8. does anyone know what specific dances were restored for this version? will the company film thier production for commercial release?
  9. this is very interesting, how did you come by this source. does this cite a version of the KORSAR PDD that was danced in 1915, or its creation? I always thought from reading many differing sources that this pas was added by petipa to his revivial of KORSAR in 1899 for mme. pierina legnani to the music of kapellmiester riccardo drigo, director of music for the petersbourg imperial ballet. The variation by baron fitinhof-schell makes sense in that legnani danced in his zolushka - would this be the polka variation typically danced by the ballerinas at the Mariinsky? Does this source site who was
  10. this post helped me out alot when I had the same problem, I dont think that there is anything from Adolphe Adam in the PAQUITA divertissement http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=20768
  11. Hello! My name is Tony Duarte, I am a dancer and musician. I stopped dancing professionally a few years ago, and lately I have become very interested in Russian ballet history. I have been reading the posts on BalletTalk.com for some time, and I decided to register and become a member finally! I have been interested primarily in the history and music section, as well as the discussions on the new revivals of old works. Anyway, just wanted to say hello! I hope to get into some engaging discussions with all of the learned people on here! --DanceMusicandHistoryInterest
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