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  1. I saw it Friday night and to my surprised I really liked it. I might actually see it again if I get any time. I know I am going to be out numbered here when I say this but for me this was the big negative: I did not like Dew Drop (Erin Mahoney), though I do not blame her. I felt the choreography was too fast, and busy for such a gracious engaging role. It was so awkward. I also felt that when Clara got the Nutcracker it wasn't a "magic moment" as it is known to be. It was just sort of handed to her. My favourite part was the snow scene. While in most productions it usually is I really loved this one. I was really excited to see Maki Onuki as the Snow Queen. She is a strong dancer and I am glad to see she has moved up quickly. While this is random I absolutley died when I saw that Snow Queen tutu I haven't stopped talking about it. It was gorgeous. The sweets were very creative only weak one being the spanish(or what ever it was called I do not have the program with me). I was really impressed with Fritz. He was amazing I could not believe he was seven years old. My mother who saw the Sunday Matinee loved the clowns and the huge carousel part, I felt I needed to mention that because to her that was very exciting and she sounded like a little kid hehe . I hope I get a chance to see it again though after seeing seven shows of Joffrey, 11 + of my own, I think I have offically made the record for most Nutcrackers ever seen by one person. It really turned out well. Mr. Webre really knows how to tell a story with beautiful sets that come straight out of your wildest dreams, and with his company and all their unique abilities, created a show that stretched beyond the imagination. Yay for Washington!
  2. I saw it Thursday night and enjoyed it. I am also seeing it again Saturday night because I decided to bring my little cousin for her birthday present. I thought it was great. I always think Mr. Webre can tell a story very well even if some wouldn't consider the choreography complex (I hear this opinion by many). Normally what I am more interested in are the three act bills with a mix of Balanchine, and newer pieces, but I am glad to see Washington Ballet do more classical productions and this one proved to be done well. I was also happy to watch one of my old classmates up on the stage! I will wait for other comments and then rechime in!
  3. Thank You Mr. Kamer! If there are no conflicting rehearsals I will be sure to be up. This program I was especially interested in seeing because I found the theme of the night and the whole description of all the works fascinating. I just love creative mixed bills. I just got back from seeing a little of Stanton Welch's choreography on ABT. I have had about a handful of classes with the man and I get the feeling his pieces are just as complex as his classes. Anyhow I will try to see what goes on after the shows. I just realized you were Mr. Kamer (also known as Mr. Daryl) I need to put on my reading glasses! I hope I am able to get on to hear from her about the program. Thanks again for the information! -Rosie
  4. I hope to hear about the performance. I was originally going up to see them do that program, but I am going to see Dallas Fort Worth Ballet instead because my friend has a contract there for a few months. If they are doing another program I will go up for that. I really wanted to see "A Time to Dance" I hope to hear how it all goes!
  5. The Washington Ballet performed "Carmina Burana" about a year and half ago. I think it was Septime Werbre's choreography. I am not sure but I think American Repretory Ballet performed it as well when Mr. Webre was director there. I am not certain of that though, but to this day I swear I saw a poster for "Carmina Burana" when I went to the Princeton Ballet studios once. Then again I could be losing my mind!
  6. I understand what you mean Mr. Witchel. I wish it was not a one-act version. I am bias though because I am a huge fan of Mr. Webre, and the company so I probably will give the benifit of the doubt, and love it no matter what!!! I always love everything the company does. I am always impressed, and entertained by each of their programs. I am seeing it Wednesday night and I am really looking forward to The Four T's I saw the comnpany do it a few years and still have not gotten over how wonderful it was. Also I heard there is another work....is it new? This program is the highlight of my week.
  7. I went last night and liked it. I always had seen the excerpts from Act III, and I have done variations from it so I thought it was about time to see the whole ballet. The majority of the first and second acts are acting, reminded me of an opera. I just thought it was a cheerful cast. I could look past the jumps not being as high or superb, because I found all of the dancers charming. Also it was differnt to not have a story ballet filled with pas de deux. I don't see this ballet around alot so I am glad I got a chance to see it. I love the variations in Act III and it was a fun thing to see. I would have to say I expected a little more out of the males but I still enjoyed all the dancers.
  8. If you go to their website www.balletmet.org you can look up there history and it shows alot of information about the company from 1978- to the present. It talks of how the company formed, the original 12 or 13 dancers that founded it, and tons of other interesting information. Not sure if that will help you but that is all I know.
  9. Nope, didn't Tatyana Serova in the Nutcracker program either.
  10. Well let me tell you it sure is not a Nutcracker to see on Christmas night!!! I am a very open minded person the sky is the limit but this....lost me.....there was so much going on that at some points for the first time I had to read the program to see....where is this going (with all the sub plots going on)?I did get the whole idea of the interpretation. It is not my kind of interpretation but I must say I am fascinated that there are choreographers out there that will go to that extreme. By the end everything seemed to take a sudden turn and the whole mood changed by the pas de deux. After the whole tone being sad you then see the nutcracker and Masha run into each others arms, which is refreshing. The dancers themselves were amazing there were certain ones I saw that stood out. I had to look past the choreography. I thought the sweets dances were weak...not much there...and the Mother Ginger dance wow was that bizarre. I felt that the solos and variations that Masha danced were strange....not even really in with the music. I think most of all the solos she did were out of place with the music. Also the electric orange hair did not endear me. She individually though an extraordinary dancer. Fritz scared me!! As did the revolving ball projected during what is normally the christmas star, or spirit of christmas :grinning: There were points where I would think yes I know what he is trying to do but it just didn't end up to my liking. I can go for new, differnt, and strange but I just don't think I cared for this version. I am really looking forward to seeing Swan Lake though, because I think the dancers of the Kirov are amazing and I know that Swan Lake will be...Swan Lake. I also remember loving Sleeping Beauty they did here a few years ago. Well I certainly don't think this is a production to bring the kiddies to
  11. Ms. Jaffe is so nice! She came to see my school's Spring Production last year and she was so gracious to all the students, and fans who approached her for picture after picture, autograph after autograph. I saw her do Sugar Plum Fairy two, or three years ago (time slips by), and she spent 10 minutes talking to all of the people who waited for her backstage! During a dinner my school held about 10 years ago they were selling extremely old costumes from decades before and I got a character type shirt that was a piece of her costume. She is one of my favourites!! From what I see she is very gracious to all her fans.
  12. Whenever I hear the trepak music being played somewhere or on a tv comercial I normally (and if I am with my ballet friends they join in) start doing the dance it makes me think of the dance itself. I love that dance so much that I normally love hearing it. Especially I know in most nutcrackers I have seen it gets the audience energetic and attentive if by chance their focus has been lost...so I suppose using it in advertising makes sense.
  13. I have sat next to a number of interesting characters but for the most part I can cope with whatever they are doing and it normally stops. The worst I would have to say was when I saw ABT do Swan Lake at the Met two years ago. The person I sat next to disturbed me so much I actually thought I could of written a comedy skit out of it, and I wasn't sure if I was on one of those hidden camera shows or something. She first started it off by laughing everytime Angel Corella danced. I found that odd, but to top that off everytime Julie Kent came AT ALL to do any solo she would curse!! Yes she cursed the entire time. I am not making this up at all I was in a state of shock through out all her dances she would just curse. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse she hummed through four little swans, another variation, black swan pas, and during the Angel's black swan variation.........this wasn't a soft tiny hum oh no!! She hummed like a rock star!! And then when I thought it could get NO WORSE not only was she humming during Angel's variation but she started belching........this was when I thought I seriously was being framed for a TV show. I worked up enough courage to glare once to see what in the world was going on but I was to shy to say a word to her otherwise. Yes, so I kept that as another interesting experience of mine to share. :grinning:
  14. Yes, to me it would not matter where it was placed. I was only curious in if there was a tradition of some form behind it. Interesting to know about "Fancy Free". My main comment is on the impeccable musicallity of the corps. I think I took more of a liking for "Mozartiana" when I saw it a few years ago done in the Terrace. I was not blown away by the whole night but I am glad I saw it. "Serenade" was a pleasure to see. I am looking forward to seeing the years to come of this rising company. On a humourous note: The gentlemen that sat a few seats down from me asked me at the end (after "Serenade")..."when the other ballerinas came out with there hair down was that to make the other girl feel better for her hair falling out" . Well it brought a smile to my day!
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