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  1. I am a bit too much in shock right now to write about it, but Round 2 Session 3 must have been the most remarkable of all the rounds so far. Especially the piece performed by Daniil Simkin. Perhaps someoen will be able to report about it in more detail.
  2. I'm actually there (here) right now. I am dancing in the IDS so will be able to see most, I believe, of the evening performances. Tonight is RoundI. I do plan on updating when computers are availiable. I believe BT4D will also have posts!
  3. I missed the first part of the show, but was able to start watching at "Simply Irresistable." (spelling?) what company was that? it was so energetic!
  4. I am not sure how SERBA and RDA are different..or why the names are different, perhaps someone might be able to help us out on that. The Pacific Region Festival seemed overall very organized. (some years there have been problems with busing everyone to all the different locations.) While the locations were a bit spread out (you couldn't really walk to them all) the busing system seemed to work out great becasue we were never left to just wait for more then a few minutes. The Emerging Performance was on Thursday night with Friday and Saturday night being the regular showcase nights. I really can't report on the overall performances of the Emerging night becasue I didn't really get to see it. (I had a piece performed in it) But I can report the Utah had a very well choreographed and energetic emerging piece, in my opinion. I also performed on Friday night, so I can't report too much about that night either. (we were second to last ) Saturday night's performance however, was very interesting with Utah closing with another energtic piece. They usually do well each year. Another company, which I can't remember the name, performed an interesting modern piece that was done without pointe shoes and choreographed by Diana Law. The Gala dinner was also presented well. The adjudicator only chose six companies to recieve honor credit this year, which, I believe, a much smaller number than has become accustom in the past. (I can't complain though, becasue we were one of the six)
  5. Thank you. The only problem is that the filter on our proxy server/website protection doesn't allow me to view that site.
  6. I am curious to know if anyone on this board, other than myself, attends and Regional Dance America Festivals. They are held annually with the United States being divided into regions such as Pacific, Mid-states, and so on... The Pacific region's festival (including California, Arizona, Utah, Washington) was held just last week. It was overall very successful. If there are any other members or question, please include yourself on this topic!
  7. Since I am not going as a competitor, I do not have knowledge of this information, but maybe you can explain it to me.... The link that was sent by Bart that is on the IBC website talks of using certain music to conform to the IBC rep guidlines. Are the dancers able to use any choreography that pertains to that variation (with permissions)? Are they restricted to those variations? I was curious as to why you saw many of the same variations in competitions. And for the modern, are they able to use different music, or are they a restricted there too? Thanks for any information!
  8. Now that it is getting closer to the IBC I believe more people will know if they are attending. I am, as I am also going to the summer dance school they have during the competition.
  9. AmaG520

    Barbara Bears

    I thought Houston Ballet's web site would at least have a photo gallery, I was surprised when they didn't. I wish they would...thank you !
  10. AmaG520

    Barbara Bears

    I'm so glad to find two people who appreciate her as much as I do. Ms. Leigh, I didn't know she trained with you! I wish I could have seen her dance while I was at HB, but I have seen pictures.
  11. AmaG520

    Barbara Bears

    I have had Mrs. Bears as a teacher when I was in Houston last year, and I was seeing if anyoen has seen her dance.....I have wanted to, but seeing as I live in Arizona, its hard to see any HB performance! Anyone a fan?
  12. I am a dancer of a smaller company in a small city, because we have many "recreational" dance groups, parents tend to "woo hoo" "woof" all the time, while the louder the better attitude reigns here, i think bravos show the crowd is proud of the work, and not just yelling for their daughter... (must admitt, the louder, does give the dancers a rise, showing that the audience really liked the performance)
  13. I'm excited about the new TBT and hope that they are very successful. I know one of the dancers who dances there now, so I have a special place in my heart for the company.
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