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  1. Hi! As I've said before, I really don't know anything about ballet; but, amazingly, I know something about Modest Musorgsky (frequently spelled Mussorgsky, but not my the most recent biographer) and "Pictures at an Exhibition". No, I don't know much about classical music either. I just happened to have created an original art gameboard (sort of "Trivial Pursuit" and "Parchessi" mixed together for a local symphony charity event!) Hence, I've done a little research. Anyway, I also happened to attend Sunday evening's IBC in Jackson, quite unexpectedly. On Friday, my husband asked what was
  2. Hi! Who's in Jackson? Is anyone going to post messages? If so, please post often. The only thing I'm likely to hear directly from Mississippi is a string of predictable phrases that add up to absolutely nothing. I'll hear, "It's okay" and "We'll see" and other utterly useless information. Nervously, mouse
  3. Hi! Here in Columbia, we attend what is likely considered a "smaller" theater. It seats 2200 in an orchestra with two balconies. We generally sit anywhere in the last row of the orchestra in order to avoid the awkward feeling from others glaring when we don't participate in the standing ovation that ALWAYS happens at the end of EVERY performance. We started sitting in this area years ago when my boys were young. They'd stand or sit on the seat cushion without pulling it down first. We weren't in anybody's way. mouse
  4. Hi! I cannot believe I am typing. This is a thread I've followed and read through several times since it was first posted. I remember reading the title before clicking the screen to the postings. "Elitist" image? Well, in my pea brain the word "yes" popped right up. Certainly someone like me wasn't going to have anything to say on the subject, but it's been fascinating. While most of the posters have serious opinions and state them with eloquence, I thought I couldn't contribute at all. Why? Because I thought I was too stupid. I don't really know anything about ballet. How could I h
  5. Hi! Almost every day, like a good student, I read this board's "links" in a very feeble attempt to learn something about ballet. Here was a "review" I actually understood. Of course, I didn't learn anything; but, I laughed and laughed. Reading the descriptions of the dancing was hilarious. I couldn't have done it much better; I'd just know not to share it with the world! It was way too long and full of uncomfortable words and phrases that weren't polictically correct. I laughed anyway. I don't know Ethan Stiefel or Gillian Murphy, but I've met them. They make a lovely couple. I hear
  6. Hi! Thank you tango49 for the tip about the site in the UK. I found it and the very nice, day-by-day, dancer-by-dancer group of posts for the entire 2002 competition. It was very interesting to read about which I'd only heard tales, stories, and highlights. I posted a question too, asking if the same sort of coverage was planned for this year's competition. The answer came almost immediately and was YES. Now, like tango49 stated: "it will be wonderful to follow the events for those of us who won't be able to make it and have family members or friends who are competing!" Yes, it will be
  7. Hi! Natalie wrote: "I won't attend but I hope that BalletTalkers who will be in Jackson may post impressions." PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Do post, those of you fortunate to be making this trip! I cannot count on my competitor having his cell phone with him at the moments of available time. He doesn't say much when competing anyway! I had no intention of missing this and looked forward to it (with fear, doubt, and excitement) since 2002 when my neighbor, Joseph Philips, won the junior men's gold. Now, I'm unable to attend. I guess it's okay because I really don't know anything about balle
  8. Hi! Two Americans: Mathias Dingman and Sasa DeSola from Universal Ballet Academy will be dancing as partners in the junior division. mouse
  9. Hi! Stacie Calvert is doing an excellent job here in Columbia. The USC dance program just became an accredited major this year. One could only minor in dance before. Miriam Barbosa, a former Martha Graham dancer, is also on staff and doing some interesting choreography around town and elsewhere, including collaborative efforts with Marcelo Novo, a visual artist originally from Argentina. It has been almost like witnessing the birth of a new ballet and a new department, one open to exciting contemporary visions and grounded in strong technique. Recently (well, last November), I ran into S
  10. Hi! I'm intriqued by this post and its questions. I couldn't possibly answer. I don't know enough to even try but cannot wait to read other "fantasy" programs. I have a question, however. Could you tell me more about Rasta's Bumblebee piece? mouse
  11. Hi! My husband and I will be going to Jackson. I'm glad that this thread is being updated as I learn so much from the postings here on BT. I'm hoping to read all sorts of ideas, insights, points of view, opinions, and just general information about other viewpoints. Such postings will undoubtedly enhance my experience in Mississippi. I've seen the line-up for this competition. I've seen the line up for a few others. I really don't know anything about ballet (my son dances instead) but from what I understand, a dancer just can't dance variations or works from certain choreographers. T
  12. Everyday I read from these pages. It is difficult. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BALLET, but I'm trying to learn. I read the "links" daily and ponder what the year ahead will bring. Possibly, this site will be my only connection to a son who turned eighteen today but will live/dance across the Atlantic by autumn. I try to understand the casting notices, the Russian names, the polls, the upcoming performances, the preferences Choreography, my God, I'm in well over my head. It is really, really hard for someone like me. I feel stupid everyday. I feel alien. Then, as if by magic, there is a thre
  13. Hi! I am new to BT. I am actually kind of new to ballet. My child dances, not me! Of course, I had never heard of this award. Yes, our media would not likely have informed me. So, thank you Marga for telling me so much about it. I will now, more eagerly, look forward to hearing the results! mouse
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