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  1. When will casting be announced? I bought a ticket for opening night hoping they will put est foot forward.
  2. I have joined this forum expressly for seconding this opinion! Both Sleeping Beauty and Harlequinade are TREASURES! We are so lucky to have them, lovingly (and expensively) reconstructed. They have so much to teach us about Petipa, about classical style and technique, about all that Balanchine learned from that tradition. Petipa was a great choreographer. We should respect his works as we do Balanchine’s, not try to bring them « up to date » with little tweaks. Other companies have more modern SBs. ABT is so lucky to have the original and we should all rejoice!
  3. Coryphée


    I have been a longtime reader of Ballet Alert and am delighted to join this community. I live in New York, I love classical dance and I regularly attend NYCB, ABT, the Mariinsky when they come to Washington, and other companies when I get the chance. I also have a deep interest in the history of ballet and dance technique. I look forward to commenting on this forum.
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