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  1. 😄 Lets hope that the coronavirus will be gone then! It is pretty bad in nothern Italy, La Scala is closed until Mar 8 at least.
  2. Roberto Bolle updated his schedule, it does NOT include Onegin performances in Segerstrom as its calendar indicates. http://www.robertobolle.com/agenda-2020/
  3. Is anyone familiar with the seating of Segerstrom Hall? I am looking at the seating chart (https://www.scfta.org/scfta/media/General/visit/campus/segerstromhallseating.pdf), is the Orchestra front row AA too close? Thanks!
  4. Does anyone find it disturbing that that the complaint (paragraphs 27 and 55) mentioned "... abuse them like farm animals". It is not clear who said it, 27 referred it was the "donor", 55 "coworker". Perhaps it is not surprising whoever abuse women also abuse animals, I find it very disgusting. People who abuse or neglect animals are the scum of the earth in my book. I have little doubt that NYCB has fostered an environment that enabled such abusive attitude and behavior, just look at who has been their boss for the last 30 years. It is possible that this incidence is just a tip of iceb
  5. I am just guessing given his status in international ballet and at this stage of his career. Dropping your partner is probably a cardinal sin that a male dancer can commit, but Bolle has such a solid reputation as one of the best partners, so I don't think that many believe Forsyth's statement. I am just a fan, it bothers me more, I can't tolerate "alternative fact" 😪
  6. I was watching through my binoculars, yes it was very fast, but I didn't see that he stood in her way. He put her down and she continued her fast running to the side, then I heard a thud but I didn't see her fall. I was sitting at the 1st row of the grand tier, fairly center (my own seat was to the side, but there was an empty seat so I sat in it for act II), the fact I didn't see her trip and fall, to me, means that she did it while in the wing, at the same time, he was standing on the stage. In any event, it was an accident, and she danced beautifully after that 👍 He didn't drop her and they
  7. Found a review on Bolle/Seo on May 19, the author claimed that "at one moment Bolle dropped his ballerina when she was set to exit on stage left. From what I could tell, the pair crashed into the wing." https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwdance/article/BWW-Review-ABTs-Staging-of-GISELLE-Offers-Superb-Dancing-but-Misses-the-Mark-During-the-Iconic-Mad-Scene-20180520 Excuse me? Did she have eye sight problem? Roberto Bolle probably doesn't care, but it doesn't give her the right to state falsehood!! Can't believe they call themselves "critics"! I wrote to broadwayworld.com and gave them a pi
  8. What can you say, the man has a beautiful face, Greek god body, and HARD WORK!
  9. I flew into NYC just to see Bolle's performance last night, what a performance it was! I can't believe how great he looks physically, he commands such a stage presence just by standing there. Compared to his 2005's Giselle with Zakharova (DVD), I see very little deterioration technically, maybe a slight amount of balloon in the jumps, but his landings are so soft and silent, I don't know how he does it. I tried to count how many entrechats but I applauded too much and lost count 😋. It was a magical night for me anyway. The way he is going, he can dance another 3 years at very high level I hope
  10. Thank you angelica, great to hear that 😋
  11. Thanks fondoffouettes, you and Susan convinced me not to do it 😋
  12. Wow, you saved me Susan, thanks so much! Also thanks for the review of last night's performance. I am going for Bolle/Seo Saturday night performance, it will be the first time I ever go to the Met (from Denver), really excited!
  13. I am considering exchanging my grand tier ticket (1st row, pretty far to the right) to orchestra Row G, the first seat of the aisle section. I am short, but is this seat pretty good in terms of the person in front won't matter since you are looking to the side? Is G too close to see dancers' feet?
  14. I find Hallberg has pleasing lines, but his dancing is a bit too effeminate to me, especially his arms and hands.
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