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  1. Oh I am so happy to read this! A jazz player I know did an actual great job with the Rite and I am using his work in some video. Eric Hofbauer.
  2. HI. It's not new choreography but a new Chosen One for Le Sacre at Mariinsky. Tatiana Tkachenko, very young and good, will take a few performances for Pavlenko. I have permission from Slava to share the photo, more are in This Collection of "Chosen Ones" I don't know how to insert the photo of her head shot or performance shots but there is the link. Generously shared by Mariinsky Photographer Viacheslav Khomyakov
  3. I am quite late to the dance but sadly, her last performance was and it was hard to watch. Worse yet, the incomparable Charles Jude whose "Faun" with Pietragalla at the POB was Nijinsky reincarnate is not half what he was. Why do dancers and basketball players not know when to leave?
  4. Thank you on Nijinska! I hope that Isadora Weiss (Baltic) does not become any of these named women. I didn't expect to see a misogynistic work from a woman. REALLY misogynistic. I am learning much from you tonight!
  5. I am Fatova Mingus. I have been tracking down all of "The Chosen Ones" since Beatriz Rodriguez in 1987. I speak of the Nijinsky reconstruction by Hodson and Archer "Le Sacre du Printemps", Even with Millicent's help, I come up against some dead ends. My Collections : "The Women Formerly Known As Chosen" is a collection of head shots and "The Chosen Ones" are photos of most in performance. Naturally, I can not find photos of all. The 1990'ish dancers are shocked to be found and they are so happy! We now are making little video tributes/statements on the role and its importance to the dancer. I wonder if anyone could help? I just finished a video message for Kirsi Tiiiliharju, Finnish National Helsinki, 1996 for the Hodson-Archer Experiment. Anyone can contribute. Thanks for reading and accept my thanks in advance.
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