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  1. I saw Mearns, Reichlen, and Bouder this weekend. I was disappointed in Mearns and Reichlen. I wish Mearns' arms were more balletic, but they just seemed way too frantic. It also seemed like she was bobbing her head up and down a lot. Reichlen had a lot of technical mishaps as the posts above mention.

    Bouder turned in the best perforrmance of the three that I saw. Her movements were very smooth and was more in line with what I'm used to seeing in Swan Lake.

    Looking forward to Hyltin, Fairchild and Peck next week.

    Also, this is my first time seeing Martin's SL. That production needs a redesign. The colors in Act I clash. I hate the costumes for the men in Act I (why are there holes?!). The village looks like someone set fire to it.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Fleurfairy said:

    I called it the other day! It just seemed he had checked out a while ago. I'm sure it's kind of a relief for Tiler Peck as well.


    I was in denial and holding out hope that he would return. Ironically, it was his performance in American in Paris that got me into the ballet in the first place. 


    I hope there's another promotion on the horizon. I'm rooting for Catazaro. 

  3. The pairings will presumably be:
    Bouder, Veyette
    Mearns, T. Angle
    Reichlen, Janzen
    Hytin, Catazaro
    T. Peck, Finlay
    M. Fairchild, (unknown, my money is on De Luz)

    That's two Swan Lakes per couple, with one couple getting a third. Or perhaps there's a seventh couple.

  4. I hope there are lot of Odette/Odile debuts. I was a bit disappointed that last winter's Sleeping Beauty only had one Aurora debut. 


    I'd like to see Ashley Laracey and Unity Phelan get a crack at the role. And after seeing Emily Kikta's Hippolyta, I'm curious to see her as Odile, but I haven't seen enough of her to see if she'd be a good Odette. 

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