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  1. 2 hours ago, vagansmom said:

    Does anyone know for sure how long Watts has been coaching Peck? Maybe it's been ongoing for much longer than we know; therefore, maybe Watts's coaching has informed Peck's dancing in some of the very roles being praised here as not needing Watts's coaching.

    From the Conversations on Dance Podcast, my impression was that Watts and Woetzel took Tiler Peck under their wing quite early on.

    In another interview, Damian said he first noticed her in the corps of Opus Jazz, but I can’t remember the source of where he said this. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, FITTB85 said:

    I found it odd that Clifford chose to make what felt like a 'formal statement' about the situation in the comments section of an article, especially when it was unsolicited.  If he feels the need to share words of support to those 4 specific colleagues, he could have called/e-mailed them directly.  As far as we've seen so far literally no one in the ballet world has made any kind of public statement about the situation, that's why it felt kind of "look at me, look at me!"

    I find that Clifford has a tendency to make a lot of things about himself. Whether talking about working with Balanchine, his dancers in Los Angeles Ballet, or the models he's discovered, he usually adds a dash of of "look at me, look at me".

  3. On 11/29/2017 at 2:00 AM, LadyBubbles said:

    I wish they had given Lane another chance instead of having Copeland do 2 O/O's with two different partners, but we all know that ABT is driven by the "show me the money baby" movement.

    I don’t understand why Copeland is getting two O/Os.  Does ABT really have that much trouble selling Swan Lake tickets?

  4. Jon Stafford

    Jock Soto


    edit: for AD/ballet master in chief. if it’s not gonna be Farrell, I would prefer someone who likes to teach. 


    Also, if Martins were to depart, I wonder if this would allow City Ballet to at least mend some old fences and lead to some Balanchine ballets returning to the rep. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, nanushka said:

    If Fairchild and Day are gay and wanted to remain closeted for professional reasons, I suspect their IG feeds would have looked quite different from how they looked a week ago, and even from how they look right now.

    100% this. I agree the poster who said that what seems to bother them is that people are talking about it. 

  6. I think Rannells’ work has been in playing gay characters (Girls, New Normal, Falsettos). 

    Jonathan Groff plays a straight man in Mindhunter. 

    I do think Hollywood (and even Broadway) still has a bias against casting gay men in lead roles, especially if it’s a romantic lead. I understand if it’s a concern for either Fairchild or Day. 

  7. Honestly, I would have preferred their relationship be discussed in the “Robert Fairchild in American in Paris” thread instead of in this one. I can imagine that it’s uncomfortable for Day to have people his relationship with Fairchild being discussed in the same place that people discussed Fairchild & Peck’s.

    Although, I don’t know that this thread was the reason some pictures were taken down. 

  8. On 11/11/2017 at 12:18 PM, canbelto said:

    Typically apprentices are offered a one-season contract. At the end of that season they are either let go or accepted into the corps. I think an exception was made for Mejia.


    Maybe this SAB's website on apprentices also needs to be updated.  It says apprentices can dance in up to eight ballets. It used to be that the ninth ballet apprentices performed would make them corps members automatically. I have 10 playbills from the fall season where both Roman Mejia and Gilbert Bolden are listed. They were also both in the new Reisen ballet that I didn't see.

    I re-listened to Unity Phelan's episode of Conversations on Dance. She said during her apprenticeship, she wasn't cast in a ninth ballet because it would automatically grant her a corps contract. But she also said that the apprentice contract has changed. I just don't know what the changes are. Perhaps they just raised the threshold of how many ballets an apprentices can dance.

  9. Roman Mejia has also received his corps contract, per the NYCB website.

    Was there a change to how apprentices become corps members? I thought that once you hit nine performances you automatically get promoted to corps de ballet. I checked my playbills and there were a few other apprentices who had nine shows under their belt. Maybe the Swan Lake courtiers/villagers don’t count?

  10. The New York Times article also has additional videos. I hope this review won't affect the 2nd performances of both Megan and Tiler. 


    Edit: Also, I just saw pictures of the costumes for the new Justin Peck ballet. Odd-looking and seems like it would be distracting from the dancing. 

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