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  1. The documentary is now streaming on Hulu. I enjoyed it very much. Lots of clips of Tiler.

    I particularly enjoyed watching her work on the Wheeldon Carousel Pas de Deux and The Man I Love (I believe) with Zachary Catazaro. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, alexL said:

    Jokes aside, Chase Finlay and Sara Mearns performed one of the worst Mozartiana I've seen some time ago so the "not honoring the original choreo" does apply to the NYCB dancers as well. 

    Oh man, I’m still trying to forget that. 

  3. 46 minutes ago, fondoffouettes said:

    That’s interesting because something similar happened last year — after about three hops or so, she put down her free leg for a moment to help steady herself and then continued with the hops. If I remember correctly, she stayed on pointe when this happened. It looked like a spontaneous correction, not a rehearsed simplification. It sounds like she did something different, but at the same moment, this year. 

    So basically she came off pointe after about three hops, then went back up on pointe and continued them? 

    From my recollection, she had to switch to her other leg two or three times. I think she was definitely dancing through an injury. She also fell over a little when she finished the variation. 

    As a Stella fan, it made me nervous for the rest of the ballet. Maybe I was projecting, but I could feel a lot of hesitation in her dancing Act II.

    This is also the best I’ve seen Stearns dance. 

  4. 30 minutes ago, lacdescygnes said:

    I found that Huxley lacked stage presence on Saturday night. Schumacher on the other hand has great presence. I would hope both he and Ashley Laracey (what a cute couple btw) get promoted soon. 

    I enjoy Huxley’s dancing very much, but I’ve never seen him have strong chemistry with his partners (I haven’t seen him with Lovette). I find him particularly compelling in solo male roles (Melancholic, Agon Pd3). 

  5. 2 hours ago, nanushka said:

    Yes definitely, I thought the same.

    The height difference, which can in many cases look awkward, made the piece even more impactful. Especially when he holds her up with his straightened arms.

    I was thinking she might be on pointe in the picture, and Russell isn’t standing up completely straight. 

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