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  1. Does anyone know if other dancers were let go? I thought he hired Sterling Baca with Sara Murawski because they would be good together.
  2. In any other field this would be grounds to sue - job discrimination based on looks - if she had grown while on the job I could somehow accept this but he knew her height when she was hired. He asked her to leave Europe and come as a Principal dancer. This is a bad move for the reputation of the company.
  3. I haven't seen the NYC Ballet Nutcracker in a few years. I think the last time I saw it Lauren Lovette was SugarPlum and Mary Elizabeth Sell was the Dewdrop. The performance was mesmerizing. They are both appropriate for the parts. Lauren was very much the elegant and delicate fairy and Mary Elizabeth Sell flew through the air with great ease. I wonder if she is cast again as Dewdrop this year. I still haven't bought my tickets. Any suggestions for a particular performance?
  4. Excellent article on the subject of body diversity in Dance Magazine http://dancemagazine.com/inside-dm/beyond_perfect_a_manifesto/
  5. Sarah Hay, the lead in Flesh and Bone, and second soloist with Dresden Semperoper Ballet will be taking a leave of absence to pursue her acting career. She will be teaching master classes and giving private lessons while in LA. according to her instagram page sarahhayofficial. She also performed Manon (Partner Julian Lacey) with Semperoper this season. Here is the link to Youtube Manon - Act I, 1st Pas de Deux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WjhoADEL March 14 at 12:24pm · Our Second Soloist Sarah Hay is going to take a break from her time with the Semperoper Ballett on a leave of absence. After her big success in the TV-Miniserie »Flesh & Bone« she is going to pursue her opportunities in Hollywood as an actress. We wish her all the best, want to thank her for all wonderful time and the inspiration she gave to us and our audience and hope to see her again soon. Photo: IanWhalen Photography
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