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  1. What a lovely review, Amy! Isn't Maria Celeste Losa delightful? I am glad you had a lot to say because it was a pleasure to read your thoughts.
  2. Congratulations to her. I imagine she must be delighted!I agree that Novikova may be technically more proficient, but the few times I have seen her, she has a bit of a severe look on her face: as if not entirely comfortable/happy.
  3. Here's links to my two posts about the Ratmansky Beauty at La Scala. I went on two nights. The first was me a bit underwhelmed by the dancing and the second is where it really worked well. https://theoperatuni...october-1-2015/ https://theoperatuni...october-2-2015/ High quality dancing from all, but truly the stand out for me apart from the expected qualities from Zakharova was from Maria Celeste Losa. Just delightful.
  4. Much better reaction to last night. Zakharova found the core of beauty within this Beauty. Petipa's vision by way of Ratmansky done full justice. Mr Tissi showed a few hints of his 'newness' and exhibited some uncertainties, but they made a lovely couple with a small frisson of true chemistry that should if allowed only grow. It might be worth keeping an eye out for local reviews, Natalia? if you see any please let us know!
  5. I was there tonight for a second cast. Applause was very muted throughout and I think it affected some performances. Timofej Andrijashenko nearly dropped his poor princess Nicoletta Manni on fish-dive number 2. The sound of slapping flesh (his hand striking her body panickedly) was very audible. The third was much more sheepish. I am glad I have first cast tomorrow to look forward to, as tonight was merely OK in my eyes. I hope to review both.
  6. I saw Ms Mearns and Mr Angle on Tuesday. The dancing was well worth travelling for. I put some thoughts here:https://theoperatunist.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/swan-lake-new-york-city-ballet-mearns-angle-september-22-2015/(I am not a ballet expert.) I agree with posters above about some of the production and like Alastair Macaulay in NYTimes, I'm not a fan of the costumes. I was impressed just how slick the NYCB approach was. Appropos of nothing: I waited 1 hr at stage door to try and say thank you to SMearns, but gave up in the end. A guy told me she was having a small party. Despite waiting for that time (with a mother and daughter who had flown in from Dallas especially)I did not mind that I did not get to meet her: I have the lovely memory of the moments she gave us.
  7. I hope to, Helene Sandik, I was supposed to have watched a few things this month: St Petersburg Ballet theatre in London with Kolesnikova, Queensland Ballet with La Slyphide, ENB in Lest We Forget. I had to forgo those for various reasons. My next thing to see is the Trocks on Saturday, then I am going to NY to see Mearns and Angle in Swan Lake. Thereafter, Milan to see Ratmansky's reconstructed/'Stepanov' Sleeping Beauty. And after that, whatever Royal Ballet have on offer
  8. I apologise for posting this here, but do not know where to post it as I am new. I have one ticket to see Swan Lake on 26th (Matinee) for sale. I am based in England though (my holiday plans have altered).
  9. I'm from England. They say the Atlantic isn't much of a barrier anymore, and I certainly hope that's the case with ballet. The old saw says the US/UK are one nation separated by a common language: I like to think we as dance fans are united in the language of movement. (The movement of ballet, to be precise?) I look forward to reading more here and participating.
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