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  1. Thanks Mel, DD is a huge fan so we will probably go this weekend after she gets home from RWB. I'm looking forward to it as well.
  2. I missed most of Skate Canada.....only saw the men's short and the pairs short. My husband and son went Thursday night and saw the same events but more than what they showed on TV. They also went for the practices on Saturday. I would have liked to see more of it but I guess we are at the mercy of the TV stations. At least we are seeing it almost live.(Husband and son left at end of men's short and arrived home in time to see it on TV) My son says the dance boots are cut lower for the deep knee bends though now-a-days they are not a lot lower than most of the freestyle boots. All sk
  3. The comment was made to me that each dancer was perfect for the part they danced......DD laughed and said "of course they were....it was set on them". I'm glad your son enjoyed it as well.
  4. I guess "different strokes for different folks" applies here. As I said on another thread, I was expecting something very different than what was presented. Being familiar with the music I also expected something that would fit within the Mozart period. This is where we differ on our reaction to the piece. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I don't think it was a ballet that you should make up your mind on in the first few minutes. I went in with an open mind(based on DDs heads up). I felt it was magical.....there were so many "surprises" in the choreography, the use of
  5. It was not at all what I expected, even with a heads up from DD who had seen both preview night and opening night last week in Winnipeg. The ballet is set to Mozart's "Magic Flute" opera(not just the incidental music)with some interesting original pieces set in. The costumes were a little off- the- wall but colourful and intriguing. The ballet is more contemporary than I expected but with classical undertones. I really enjoyed the whole experience.......the dancing was wonderful and the choreography was full of surprises. The company is very expressive throughout whether in a hum
  6. I am going to see RWB dance "The Magic Flute" tonight in Toronto. DD saw it twice last week in Winnipeg so it will be fun to compare notes afterward. I'll let everyone know how it was later. Are any other BAers going? Tutu14
  7. It's just as well I didn't know that as I had a very active grade 3 class waiting for me the next day. Leslie
  8. Yes I saw it but I can't remember which team it was. It might have been, Tatiana NAVKA / Roman KOSTOMAROV RUS. or the UKR team. Unfortunately I didn't tape it so I can't check. Leslie p.s. Mom2....they're on the same flight...see you at the airport!
  9. Thanks Jeannie, I completely missed the mens final.....don't even know when it was on. Oh well....there's always next year. Leslie
  10. Hi Mom2, The "not physically well matched" problem in ice dance is a problem you see all the time at lower competitive levels when the skaters are still growing. If the girl is taller or very close in height it looks a little funny especially if the male has "deeper" knees than his partner. It can then make him look shorter. Many (lower level) dance teams are split up for this very reason. I guess that Tracy Wilson was assuming that a team at this level would be better matched.....it was probably decided that the personality match would overide any lack in the physical match. I hope th
  11. The skating was on last night but really late. I went to bed around 11:30 and I think there was still an hour to go. Sometimes at competitions you see quite a range of marks or ordinals but it is usually at the lowest pre-competitive levels where you might see great presentation but cheated jumps or clean jumps but slow skating or any other combination you can think of. We saw a pre-preliminary girl (lowest non competitive level) get a 3.7 for presentation when all of the other judges gave her between 1.5 and 1.7. Everyone was shaking their heads. That particular judge was out of whack
  12. Thanks for the update! I did get to see the men skate their short last night on TSN. Elvis Stojko was doing colour commentary which was quite interesting since he was able to add more technical insight than we would normally hear. Did you think the judging was a little erratic or was it just me? Leslie
  13. SABgurlie24, The people on the radio:D said that they doubted that anyone would be running out to get their designers to do a knock-off of that outfit. Leslie
  14. The radio this morning was talking about it......it was Lara Flynn Boyle. Leslie
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