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  1. If the curtain lifts to a lone chair on stage, you know you're in for a long night...
  2. I just wanted to add my congratulations as well. Lana has always been a star and it is an absolute joy to watch her dance. Since joining the Australian Ballet she has gone from strength to strength. She was always lovely to me back when we were 12-14ish and always very singleminded and determined. I can't think of a more deserving dancer. It does make me feel better though - I was in many eisteddfords and competitions against her and always lost. At least now I know it was her abundance of talent rather than my lack there of
  3. Ahh.. Thats a great review Chauffeur - who i had the absolute pleasure of meeting (and her beautiful - and talented I hear, as I couldn't help questioning her aussie teacher - daughter). Mostly I think you're comments are fair. Baynes always has this great promise about his works but there is always something missing... and i think its too easy to blame it on lack of rehearsal time. I placed no expectations on the night, but waited with anticipation of seeing justine again. The opening Imaginary Masque started almost before I had a chance to read the programme notes and as such, all I anti
  4. Ahhh.. Thankyou Chauffeur - a great review! I agree with so much of what you've written... I think that this swan lake should remain titled as such ... some of it is still true to the spirit of the original fairy tale. I know the idea of the leading lady being in an insane asylum has been done to death, but this retelling is fabulous - well conceived and developed. Judging by how difficult tickets have been to get to this show, i'd say the vast majority agree.. I love steven heathcote and am eternally loyal - but i really think he's getting on in years and its beginning to show. The thi
  5. I don't know of an elegant way to respond to criticism... I'm not convinced there is one. I suppose you just have to rise above it and prove the critic wrong on the stage. Not to flog a cliche or anything...
  6. In the case of a reviewer panning a dancer or choreographer, any response from the artist just sounds like an excuse. If you put in a substandard performance then even the best of reasons doesn't alter the fact it was a substandard performance. The audience purchases its right to like or dislike a performance either through ticket price, or sitting through it without falling asleep. It is certainly not the audiences job to overlook mediocrity because the artist is having a bad night/the budget got cut/the lighting guy has bad breath... So I would definitely roll my eyes a little if i read a
  7. guest artist.. unfortunately! I'm not sure if this is touring - it seems a triple especially created for small stages!
  8. well, thats about as clever as my titles are going to get this evening as pepsi supplies are low... I have followed with a mixture of incredulity and amusement a series of two articles published by Dance Australia. In the first, an article/review by James Ferguson, the Sydney Dance Company's new work 'underland' (choreographed by Stephen Petronio) was absolutely ripped to shreds. I have never read anything quite in the same spirit. Here's a few snippets of Mr Ferguson's pearls of wisdom, hopelessly taken out of context for maximum impact ;). 'It is really high time people realised... that
  9. I have my tickets for Southern Lights in hand and am starting to get excited! For those not in the know, Southern Lights is a triple bill being staged by the Australian ballet. It is comprised of 2 world premiers (Imaginary Masque, Unspoken Dialogues) and an australian premiere (El Tango). In a strange twist of fate these are all choreographed by Stephen Baynes. But the most remarkable thing about this season is the return of everyone's favourite Justine Summers. She left a few years ago due to arthritis in her poor over worked feet. I read an interview recently that said she has been wo
  10. I know this was a long time ago, but I can't help become a smidge defensive when my precious AB's capabilities is brought into question. Here you have the best of what Australia has to offer, many of whom are dancers frequently pilfered by other international companies... You can generally be sure they won't be an affront to the eyes In any case, when this was staged it received very good reviews - particularly newly promoted Kirsty Martin in Agon. minor PM moment - chauffeur - i have spoken to you on another forum! hello! I hope you go to see Southern Lights (which I'm about to start
  11. I'd go back and look but my internet is cantankerous this evening. Someone wrote they found Allegra Kents 'Once a Dancer' more disturbing than Gelseys book(s)... having completed Kent's book for the umpteenth time this evening (i love holidays!) I would have to wholeheartedly agree. I wanted to reach into the book and shake her. Here was someone completely out of control of her life, blindly following whatever the newest stranger in her life told her to the last letter. Following instructions with absolutely no thought for what was actually sane and sensible. Her manipulative relationship
  12. At the cinemas the other night, my viewing of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was interupted by the bass coming through from the nightclub above. It was noticable only through the quiet moments in the movie.. or indeed when one song was particularly 'hi nrg' ... A polite complaint to the ticket office and I got a number of comp tickets. I'm trying that next time i see a disaster of a performance. Ballet is exciting because it is human. There's this exciting possibility that the sublime could be touched.. or that the lead could fall on her backside. But a sloppily rehearsed performa
  13. Feet. Maybe its just australia, but I rarely see men with neat footwork and I find it difficult to watch a male dancer slop around with his size 10 feet. Large feet are not easily missed... *nods primly*
  14. Simone Goldsmith has announced her intention to retire. According to her partner, she wants to pursue new avenues 'after 20 years of doing the same thing' I think its a terribly great loss for the company, because she is a unique talent. Her cool blonde looks and amazing line won't be easy to replace... But I'm sure she has many talents yet to be tapped. Her last performance will be in December, I believe! Nicole Rhodes has also announced that she won't be performing for the first half of next year and won't commit to anything more... I wonder about this pattern - it's almost like dancer
  15. oh no no no.. don't get me wrong, I don't want to start any rumours! But he has been talking about it for a few years, talking about leaving and 'getting a life' if you will. He is getting a bit older, and I think the time will come soon... It will be hard replacing such an audience favourite though! Justine Summer's pointe shoes are still empty, imo. I can't wait to see her in southern lights!
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