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  1. I will be seeing tomorrow's matinee and will try and remember to post a first hand review.
  2. Hmm. Interesting and very unusual for her. Thank you for the update. Ah, thanks for the heads up on casting notices. It appear that she is at least making a good enough an impression of the director to receive opportunities. Much appreciate the info/update on her progress.
  3. I am very curious to know how Jillian Barrel seems to be fairing in Boston. She gave up being dancing principle roles here in Arizona to join the corps in Boston and I have been wondering if she is being given any soloist opportunities or not. Having been named a few years ago as an "All American Goddess" ( http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/07/arts/dance/us-ballerinas-redefine-an-art-but-what-about-history.html?_r=0 ) by the not so easily impressed NYT reviewer, Alastair Macaulay, I was rather surprised she was not given at least the rank of Second Soloist. Is there any news to share on her progress with Boston Ballet?
  4. Just a quick comment in regards to the question of the support of the shoe.... she is wearing Gaynor Minden and they do not break down and lose "support" in the same way that traditional pointe shoes do (this is part of why more and more dancers are choosing them- especially for performances). The box and shank are made of substances that give VERY consistent support to the foot which not only gives security that the shoe won't "die" on a dancer mid performance but also helps to lessen potential injury as well. It is possible ofcourse that something else could have occurred with her shoe (such as the ribbon breaking for example) that might have made doing the historical diagonal unwise but the design of the shoe eliminates the possibility of the problem being with the box or shank. I suspect however it is neither a pointe shoe problem nor a current injury issue but rather her personal preference, for whatever reason, not to risk the overall quality of her performance on that one ( albeit iconic) moment in the ballet.
  5. Glad to know I am not the only one who finds that a bit odd. Visually striking, yes. Conceptually logical...not so much. ps: very much enjoyed your review style and I look forward to more in the future!
  6. Thankyou so very much for this link. I am as intrigued by her offstage as on stage.
  7. Oh this is wonderful and well deserved news! I am so pleased for Miss Adams, who unlike her fellow "American's in Russia" students she stayed completely focused on her training rather than garnering media attention. I am very happy she is being properly rewarded for her efforts. I look forward to watching her career.
  8. Sad to report that a favorite of mine and long time Ballet AZ dancer, Beau Campbell is not returning for the 14/15 season. It was announced on her social media sites that Campbell is taking a break from classical ballet. She is guest performing however and was recently featured at the Wanderlust Festival as both dancer and yoga teacher. http://squaw.wanderlustfestival.com/beau-campbell
  9. I am quite curious to see how the company does with this ballet as it is so very stylized. Despite Anderson having the particular background for it... his current roster of dancers with perhaps an exception or two... do not. Though I suspect both Anderson's current favorites (Arianna Martin and Jillian Barrell) will take to it beautifully and I feel Ilir Shtylla's lovely port de bras would shine in Napoli *if* he is given the opportunity. Roman Zavarov's fine footwork will hopefully get him cast well too. I worry however a tad bit about some of the taller and/or more Balanchine-esque dancers such as Magnicaballi and Draxton struggling with the details that make Bournonville so special.
  10. Interesting to see Claudia Dean leaving particularly since she received a Principle part debut in 2013. Does anyone know if she is joining another company?
  11. She would have had in the U.S., not in Russia. Russian society is totally different. I find this confusing as she appears (at least from my perspective) to be much adored in her homeland. Is this not the case?
  12. This is a perfect example of lack of insight on not just artistic but also practical matters by Fateyev's management. Novikova is admittedly a favorite of mine but would be considered splendid (by I think most anyone's standards) and most certainly is a capable , experienced and seems to be particularly consistent ballerina too- something I feel any true Prima should have as a mastered skill.
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