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  1. I just want to echo that I have absolutely loved Megan's interviews on her YouTube channel. It's been such a great mix of interviewees that we might not hear from in typical media interviews, like Anthony Huxley. So insightful - I hope she keeps it going as she really has a talent for it. Such a natural talker.
  2. Just returned to our hotel after the opening night performance of Martins' Sleeping Beauty, and unfortunately it lived up to the sleeping portion of its name. A bit of a snooze! I love these dancers, but it felt like they were not set up for success tonight. The tempo in the fairy variations in particular did not allow the women to fully complete the steps and stretch to the end of their lines. Poor Tess Reichlen as LIlac Fairy looked like she was fighting to catch up the entire time, and it certainly wasn't her fault. Kristen Segin managed the tempo better than others and was a breath of fres
  3. I attended the Nov. 30th evening performance while visiting a friend in Seattle. What a treat, especially knowing that the unique Stowell and Sendak version is in it's last run! I've never been a fan of the party scene in any Nutcracker as I'm usually anxious to get to the snow scene and second act. I thought this party scene was as charming as any other one. The Masque dance was an unexpected addition, which I thought was very cleanly danced by Amanda Clark, Kyle Davis and Dylan Ward. I felt that the Sword-Dancer doll (Ryan Cardea) could have danced with a little more energy though. It almos
  4. Wanted to put my two cents in on Peck's ballet. I loved it. I saw it Sunday afternoon, and it was wedged between the latest Millepied and Wheeldon ballets for NYCB, Two Hearts and Les Carillons. I didn't expect it to be better than the other two, but in my opinion it blew them out of the water. For me, the real excitement in this ballet is the corps. Their formations are inventive and change in the blink of an eye. They really were a force. Sara Adams had a few beautiful moments where she was featured. I really want to see more of her. It was very strange for me to focus more on the corps w
  5. The Thursday 10/4 performance at NYCB was a good one! All tickets were $29 dollars and the house was absolutely packed. I ended up on the fourth ring, where I have never sat, and loved the vantage point. I was on the side, so I wasn't very far from the dancers. I was almost on top of them, but it was a great way to watch them. The program started with Sterling Hyltin and Robert Fairchild in Duo Concertant. Their energy was refreshing. Sterling has always appeared almost coltish to me. Her lines are precise, and her footwork was clean. It probably doesn't hurt that she has beautifully arched f
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