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Dances at a Gathering / Psyché

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A live transmission is starting right now, and I'm not being blocked. But if you miss it, the site promises that the performance will be available on demand for the next six months.


Robbins/Chopin: Dances at a Gathering

Pink: Ludmila Pagliero

Mauve: Amandine Albisson
Apricot: Nolwenn Daniel
Green: Aurélie Dupont
Blue: Charline Giezendanner

Brown: Mathieu Ganio
Purple: Karl Paquette
Green: Josua Hoffalt
Brick: Emmanuel Thibault
Blue: Christophe Duquenne

pianist: Ryoko Hisayama

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The transmission of Psyche should be starting here shortly:


Ratmansky/Franck: Psyche

Psyche: Laëtitia Pujol
Eros: Marc Moreau
Venus: Alice Renavand
Two Sisters: Christelle Granier, Caroline Robert
Zephyrs: Daniel Stokes, Simon Valastro, Adrien Couvez, Alexandre Labrot

conductor: Felix Krieger

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Thank you very much! I just watched Psyche--which I found mostly wonderful (though a bit lacking in some story telling elements, particularly in the set-up). At least as best one can judge via video. Would love a chance to see it in the theater. Have not gotten round to the Robbins just yet.

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I quite enjoyed Dupont in Dances although her stage time is relatively short in this role - she exudes confidence, and has that "I own this place" quality which just made me smile. It seems many years have to pass before a dancer reaches that level of self-esteem, and they can just dance unhindered.

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