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Tonight (Friday, March 8) I attended Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in Costa Mesa and forgot to bring home a cast list (actually forgot to bring home the whole program). Does anyone have one for tonight that they can post or mail to me? If you need an email or snail mail address let me know. Perhaps the cast is listed somewhere online? What I want to know most is: who danced the part of the "female Rothbart" (don't have my program; don't know the name)? It was not Maillot's wife, and who ever she was was sensational! Thanks in advance.

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I went Saturday afternoon, or I would scan in my cast sheet for you. But I looked on the OCRegister online and it has this info included in the review about the Friday cast (which is not the cast I saw):

Friday evening cast (as stated by OCRegister):

Black Swan - April Ball (she was Her Majesty of the Night on Sat afternoon)

Prince - Stephan Bourgond

Her Majesty of the Night (lady von Rothbart) - Maude Sabourin (she played the Voracious one on Sat afternoon--the "princess" in the red dress with the high slit I believe)

King - Alvaro Prieto

Queen - Mimoza Koike

You have to be a subscriber to see (maybe you are), but here is the link: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/swan-604792-maillot-black.html . LA Times did not review and I didn't see a cast list on SCFTA.org when I looked pre-show yesterday,

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