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I am a dutch ballet fan. In holland ballet is not very big, so to get to know more about ballet i applied to this forum.

A few years ago I went with friends to the movie Black Swan. I loved the music and the story of Swan Lake, so i was interested and went to the Dutch National Ballet preforming Swan Lake. And I loved it!!

Since then I have been discovering the art.

I love Van Manen and lately I have been watching many performances by the Paris Opera Ballet and Bolshoi.

I would love to learn more about ballet!


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Welcome, Iris! We're glad you found us :flowers:

We hope you'll post about what you see: we don't get much news about Dutch National Ballet, which some dancers we knew well have joined -- Matthew Golding, Casey Herd, Isaac Hernandez -- or Paris Opera from Paris, and we're always glad to get impressions of the Bolshoi in Europe.

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