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Mme. Hermine

Holding on to the Barre - Marie Christine Mouis

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Although there is another topic somewhere on the Board about Marie-Christine, I'm posting this here as it is especially for Kickstarter/funding projects. Red Palette Pictures is producing a documentary about MC's life and her current struggle with a debilitating disease, as well as her enormous spirit. The link below should have, I think, two bits of film, one of the Director, Yelena Demikovsky, and another with some of the footage they've already shot. I should note that I have no connection to or interest (financial or legal) in this film, other than having seen her dance years ago and hoping that it is successful.


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Thank you for posting this article. I always adored Marie Christine and made sure to see all her performances with Boston Ballet. How terribly tragic. Marie Christine was not only a beautiful, talented dancer, she had "presence." I pray she will recover soon.

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