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Pretty interesting!


Do you know where that was from?

There appears to be no description on the youtube page. I wonder where that was made - and what for? Intriguing! :D


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That was great, thanks for posting it. I remember seeing Joyce Cuoco on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was young (oh, oh, dating myself!), and being very impressed. I haven't seen her since then, and watching this makes me see why I was impressed! I wonder what happened to her....? In watching this clip, I was interested in how, while doing fouette turns, she seems to hold her leg a la seconde a split second longer than usual.

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Phenomenal strength!. Lovely delicacy, too, AND it's wonderful after seeing her hold her ground so long, to see how fast she can MOVE!!!! Lovely. What atalent!

She was a lovely Olga in the Stuttgart Onegin -- at least from the clips I've seen.

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