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Esteemed Critic, George Jackson, to step down

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Here is the link to an article with an interview. I'm sure all of you who read "DanceViewTimes" are aware of this. An interesting revelation is that he studied to be a microbiologist!

A quote from the end of the review:

WCP: How do you feel about quitting reviewing?

GJ: My first review was published in 1950 and the time has come. I believe I can still see, hear, think, and feel, but one does grow slower. Because of that personal change, there is the need to guard against misjudging such things as pacing and duration. I'm not going to stop writing. There are two books I have in mind, in fact have started. If ever they are going to be finished, though, it should be now and without many interruptions. Regular reviewing, if done properly, is consuming.

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Oh, no! Jackson is one of the most astute and 'fair' ballet reviewers on earth. The good news is that books are in the works. :)

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