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Mystery book on Ballets Russes

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Well, it's supposed to be new (publication in September 2011 from Assouline Books) and only covers 1911-14. Assouline Books looks like it specializes in large format art books (lots of fashion history as well as other commercial topics)


André Tubeuf has mostly written about music in the past, including several biographies of big personalities.


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Thanks, Sandi -- At the website, they show 16 double page spreads of illustrations, but have no text samples. If they indeed, only cover 1911-14, as they mention, then some of the photos are out of sequence, eg, Balanchine in Venice. Very few of the images on those double page spreads are new to me, other than page 15, which shows back and front of a costume I'd not seen before.


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The New York Times just published an article about lavishly illustrated and intriguingly covered books for multi, multi bucks, into which category the new B.R. book falls.

I'd need a new, very elegant coffee table.

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I found this link to a book on the Ballets Russes by someone named "Tubeuf," with a price of $750. It also said that the book was sold.


It doesn't say that it was sold. It says it is 'no longer available'. That often means the seller has removed the listing. I've purchased ballet books for a dozen years on ebay and sold a few, too, and know the lingo. I've also noticed over the years that books with such a high price tag - no matter how valuable the contents and/or the edition - rarely sell (online at least).

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