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Where besides Youtube can you find good quality full length ballets? Please reply if you know of any. :P


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I think dailymotion.com is another site worth keeping an eye on, because it has carried a sensitive film of most of Merce Cunningham's Pond Way for nearly four years now:


(I'm told the entire Pond Way runs 28 minutes, and this film runs about 20. BTW, it begins silently, so if you try it, don't get caught with your volume setting high!)

Granted, "modern" isn't "ballet" in the strictest sense, though many ballet watchers -- like me -- enjoy Merce's work.

Here's another, much more "ballet":


This may be the only ballet on this site, as far as I know, but where there's one, there could be another...

Anyway, I hope this helps a little. Welcome among us, Plott!

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I was cleaning out my car this morning and I happened upon a postcard advertising www.dancechanneltv.com

I have no idea where the postcard came from, perhaps out of one of the programs from the Bolshoi Ballet's performance of Don Quixote at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, but I don't know. I am viewing the channel here this morning and I think this channel has a lot of potential. It has videos and a livestream...featuring right now The Orlando Ballet (not live)... and it does have advertising, which in my opinion is a good sign, because perhaps the site will actually survive with some money coming in. Perhaps they will have full length performances in the future via the livestream feature or full length videos. I really don't know.

Anyhow, it looks like an interesting site to keep our eyes on. It has a clip from opening night of the Bolshoi's performance with Osipova/Vasiliev which I will post over on the Bolshoi's link on this site.

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There are several hundred ballet DVDs. A few might be found at your local public library. Others can be purchased.

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