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  1. Mist Copeland appeared on NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" and was quizzed on Morris Dancing. http://www.npr.org/2014/04/26/306545450/not-my-job-ballerina-misty-copeland-gets-quizzed-on-morris-dancing
  2. A season of Balanchine's NYCB in the 1950's. Not sure about the specific year.
  3. Cliff

    Ballet "Draft"

    Its an interesting idea. A ballet draft would gain mention in the news outlets. The publicity would enhance interest.
  4. I purchased that DVD with the same goal of learning the names of the steps. I barely remember any of them because each basic step seemed to have a dozen minor variations. No fault of the DVD.
  5. What are you reading the board on? Firefox. The font and contrast have improved.
  6. Is there a way to adjust the display width (or number of columns)? To read a post I have to either use the horizontal scroll bar for each line or reduce the font size.
  7. I would prefer to support the dancers except there is no apparent way to earmark donations. Maybe there is a non-company specific charity that benefits dancers. Union bashing is all the rage these days, but not for me.
  8. Locking out the dancers is harsh and heavy handed. Although I recently sent Joffrey a donation now I'll reconsider my level of support for next year.
  9. Selling tickets 14 months before the performance is surprising to me. Is this a record lead time?
  10. Ballet's Magic Kingdom by Akim Volynsky is an interesting book and well worth reading.
  11. The UK DVD is 84 minutes and released by ITV Studios. The US DVD is 213 minutes and from Bfs Entertainment. So its likely they are different productions.
  12. There are several hundred ballet DVDs. A few might be found at your local public library. Others can be purchased.
  13. Aren't you supposed to do your own homework?
  14. From the linked article: I majored in mathematics and was an avid book reader. My experience was that literature professors disdained every book covered in their course. This differed from professors in other fields, who, while occasionally exuding boredom, would at times have passion.
  15. The removal was a month ago. This appears to be a new incarnation of Ketinoa russianballetvideo -- check the oldest upload.
  16. "Ballet is an addictive art." -- Alastair Macaulay, NY Times, July 15, 2009.
  17. How many "lost" Petipa ballets could be revived? As Petipa is a staple for many companies I'd expect some interest in expanding the repertoire.
  18. During the primaries Obama mentioned on the Letterman show that he would be attending his daughter's ballet recital.
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