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  1. Mist Copeland appeared on NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" and was quizzed on Morris Dancing. http://www.npr.org/2014/04/26/306545450/not-my-job-ballerina-misty-copeland-gets-quizzed-on-morris-dancing
  2. A season of Balanchine's NYCB in the 1950's. Not sure about the specific year.
  3. Cliff

    Ballet "Draft"

    Its an interesting idea. A ballet draft would gain mention in the news outlets. The publicity would enhance interest.
  4. I purchased that DVD with the same goal of learning the names of the steps. I barely remember any of them because each basic step seemed to have a dozen minor variations. No fault of the DVD.
  5. What are you reading the board on? Firefox. The font and contrast have improved.
  6. Is there a way to adjust the display width (or number of columns)? To read a post I have to either use the horizontal scroll bar for each line or reduce the font size.
  7. I would prefer to support the dancers except there is no apparent way to earmark donations. Maybe there is a non-company specific charity that benefits dancers. Union bashing is all the rage these days, but not for me.
  8. Locking out the dancers is harsh and heavy handed. Although I recently sent Joffrey a donation now I'll reconsider my level of support for next year.
  9. Selling tickets 14 months before the performance is surprising to me. Is this a record lead time?
  10. Ballet's Magic Kingdom by Akim Volynsky is an interesting book and well worth reading.
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