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  1. "Ballet is an addictive art." -- Alastair Macaulay, NY Times, July 15, 2009.
  2. How many "lost" Petipa ballets could be revived? As Petipa is a staple for many companies I'd expect some interest in expanding the repertoire.
  3. A related question would be, what is your favorite book of ballet photos? Mine is Balanchine, Celebrating a Life in Dance by Costas. Although I've only seen a few books of photos.
  4. The only good reason to park across from the Auditoreum theater is that you're running late. There is a huge underground parking garage (Grant Park?) just a few blocks away and its cheaper.
  5. The stage sets were a distraction. In Emeralds the dancer's costumes blended into the background. And in Rubies the giant ruby overwhelmed the stage. It looked poised to fall and smash some hapless dancer. Only Diamonds had non-intrusive stage decorations. Emeralds had the best music. Rubies the liveliest dancing. Diamonds an odd mixture of old and new. I liked it.
  6. Just an alert for those in the Chicago area. WTTW is showing Jewels this sunday, 12/31, at 3pm. As far as I know, this is the first showing by WTTW.
  7. 2007 ABT on the road 1/9 - 1/14 Washington DC Othello and mixed repertory 2/6 - 2/11 Paris France Repertory TBD 2/14 - 2/18 London England Repertory TBD 3/8 - 3/11 Miami Florida Swan Lake 3/13 Minneapolis MN. Repertory TBD 3/15 - 3/18 Detroit Michigan Swan Lake 3/21 - 3/25 Chicago Ill. Romeo and Juliet 712 - 7/15 Los Angeles CA. Othello and mixed repertory 7/17 - 7/22 Costa Mesa, CA. Sleeping Beauty and mixed repertory
  8. A five week period in Chicago will feature the Joffrey in Cinderella, NYCB with two Balanchine programs, and the Kirov Swan Lake. It is something like 30 years since NYCB last visited Chicago. I don't know when the Kirov last visited, if ever.
  9. Many dancers retire due to injuries. Did Nichols, Ashley, McBride, and Hayden suffer less injuries than normal?
  10. A question not specifically about the the mini-store. To save on shipping, I accumulate items in the shopping cart until $25 is reached and then place the order. Does BT still get the credit for saved items if Amazon.com is always entered through BT?
  11. I think the BT for dancers board is a better place for this thread. How many promising students chose to forgo a professional career due to stage fright?
  12. Coincidentally(?) the Tchaikovsky pas de deux with Melissa Hayden and Jacques d'Amboise is being shown this week on the cable program Classic Arts Showcase. Melissa does 24 fouettes, not the usual 32. Is that part of the choreography?
  13. Maybe it is more precise to say that the artist expands the rules. To contemporaries it appears that the artist isn't following the rules. In retropect that artist is seen as following an artistic progression. The Impressionists were attacked for departing from strict realism. Subsequent -isms continued the divergence from realism.
  14. Before ascribing racism as the cause for minimal black involvement with ballet, perhaps one should consider other explanations. Such as: If many young black potential dancers get discouraged by the lack of role models, then there will continue to be a lack of black dancers. And so on into the next generation.
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