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  1. I just want to chime in quickly and shortly in defense of Alexei... I am so excited for him. He loves Russia, and he has tremendous respect and affection for classical ballet and dancers. His passion has no limits and I know that he values artistry before tricks. His choreography I believe is fantastic, full of humour and unexpected. He is a wonderful generous human being, and that is what is the most important for a Director I believe ! Good luck Alexei...
  2. Olivier

    Russian Nights Question

    It is the Petipa choreographed version of the original Perrot from 1844.
  3. Olivier

    Little Humbacked Horse Question

    FYI, Alla Shcherbinina who plays the Little humpbacked horse on the tape became Alla Savchenko and was Ballet Mistress with the RWB.
  4. Olivier

    Mystery man at OBT?

    Can you explain what you mean please ?
  5. Olivier

    Bausch - Rite of Spring

    That would be awesome... I saw POB perform the work about 3 years ago... Absolutely phenomenal...
  6. Olivier

    Bausch - Rite of Spring

    Thanks for the info rg... Did you record it ? Or would anyone have a copy ?
  7. Olivier

    Bausch - Rite of Spring

    Does anyone have a tape of Pina Baush's Rite of Spring ?
  8. Olivier

    The necessity of stars (and style)

    Where can I find that Thread with Victoria's quote ?
  9. Olivier

    Pina Bausch

    Does anyone have a tape of Pina Bausch's Rite of Spring ?
  10. Olivier


    The Royal Winnipeg Ballet just finished filming a Dracula this past month. The choreography is by Mark Godden, and the music is by Mahler... It is a film version, not a live performance of it, and I don't know when it will be aired and where. It is a Canadian production, and it might take another few month of post-production. [ 09-25-2001: Message edited by: Olivier ]
  11. Olivier

    Is everyone okay??

    ABT was in Kansas City, and have about 30 hours by bus to San Diego. Sorry for not mentionning Kansas City in my earlier post !
  12. Olivier

    Is everyone okay??

    ABT is bussing to San Diego (about 30 hours). The dancers waived their overtime !
  13. Olivier

    Is everyone okay??

    Our thoughts are with all of you on the East coast... I am so stunned...still can't believe it...shocked...! PNB closed for the day for security reason (Seattle Center grounds with Space Needle)... Glad to hear that most of you are fine... How can something like this happen ?
  14. Olivier

    Symphony in 3 Movements at SFB

    Thank you DDianne for this wonderful insight... You are truly an inspiration and we are fortunate to have you around on this board !
  15. Olivier

    About Gelsey Kirkland

    Great humour guys !!! Unfortunately, I think Hollywood is probably auditioning a Monica right now ! I don't think Gelsey would even make the list of Hollywood's future projects...too bad ! But : "Go...Vanessa !!!"