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  1. Nevada Ballet Theatre Director Steps Down

    Roy Kaiser, formerly with Pennsylvania Ballet, has been appointed the new Artistic Director. http://nevadaballet.org/Media/Press-Release
  2. American National Ballet

    @ABT Fan - https://www.instagram.com/usinternationalballet/ The quote above is from their very first post on IG.
  3. American National Ballet

    I wonder if this is the attempted rebirth of ANB: Instagram post from U.S. International Ballet: "The U.S. International Ballet is leading the American waive (sic) of bringing health and diversity to ballet! Dancers are chosen for passion and talent, never for a specific body type. Diversity is celebrated! Join us at the U.S. International ballet - where your dance dreams can come true!" The company description sounds exceedingly similar to ANB's. I can't locate a web-site for them yet; according to the Instagram description, they are based out of Wilmington, NC.
  4. Sacramento Ballet

    Anthony Krutzkamp has been appointed as Executive Director: http://www.sacballet.org/sacramento-ballet-announces-new-executive-director/ it will be interesting to watch the development and direction of this company in the next few years.
  5. Sacramento Ballet

    The Sacramento Ballet has announced a new Artistic Director beginning the 2018-1019 season - Amy Seiwert. http://www.sacballet.org/sacramento-ballet-announces-new-artistic-director-20182019-season/
  6. BalletMet New Dancers 2017/18

    A few Houston Ballet alums in the mix. https://www.balletmet.org/meet-new-1718-company-dancers/