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  1. minervaave

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    I was at the Lane/Simkin matinee today, and I thought Lane was really lovely, and I particularly appreciated how in sync with the music both she and Simkin were. For example, I feel like most of the time I've seen the tour jetes (I think that was the step), one person is jumping and landing slightly before the other, and it just looks sloppy to me. This time, they were both jumping and landing in arabesque at the same time, and I found it so much more beautiful to see them in harmony with each other and the music. I felt like throughout she was really paying attention to what the music was saying and expressing it in her movements. Unfortunately, I thought this was in contrast to Shevchenko today. Maybe it is that the music is just too fast, but it still bothered me. And some of it didn't seem to be the music. It was a little thing, but when Giselle first makes her entrance, Lane was walking forward in time with the music, and it seemed like Shevchenko was just walking backwards, not necessarily paying attention to the music. I felt the same about Gabe Stone Shayer too - he was going through the steps, but they weren't connected to the music. Whereas with Simkin and Lane, what I was seeing and what I was hearing made sense together and enhanced each other. I was so happy they got their second curtain call - they totally deserved it! And I hope they realize that there was a sizeable group who really appreciated their performance, even if the overall audience felt dead. If I were guessing, I'd say it felt like at least 20% of the audience, and maybe more, kept clapping and calling "bravo" and stayed in place for several minutes until they came out again. The audience insisted on it, even if it clearly wasn't planned.
  2. minervaave

    Duke University/ABT partnership

    I have to say I’m so excited - my parents live in Durham, and both have loved dance for a long time. Durham is a really nice place to live, but one of the issues has always been its distance from the major cities that usually attract this kind of world-class talent. With this and ADF, Durham is becoming an amazing place in which to see dance.
  3. minervaave

    Winter 2018

    I just saw Romeo and Juliet tonight, and I have to say that apart from Tiler Peck, I thought it was really weak. It wasn’t so much the dancing and choreography even, as the acting and awkward, jarring staging during what was supposed to be intensely emotional moments. There were a couple of moments in the duel scene and at Juliet’s death where I was tempted to laugh, and not because I was meant to. But because the reactions seemed so off, either too nonchalant or too exaggerated, not genuine horror and despair. And Zachary Catazaro didn’t make much of an impression as Romeo. HIs characterization seemed generic and perfunctory. He was better in the scenes with Juliet than the scenes with his companions and the duel, but I really didn’t see him falling in love with Juliet the way I saw how much she loved him in every gesture. It made me wonder whether NYCB dancers don’t get much acting training since so much of their repertoire doesn’t require this level of acting. Anyone know whether this is the case? This is supposed to be an intense, moving ballet, but for me, at least, the emotional component was largely lacking. (And don’t get me started on the sets and costumes - did they hire an eight grader to make those sets?)
  4. minervaave

    Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Yes, but then he started to get massive negative coverage in the press, all the old skeletons in his closet started getting rehashed (like the assault on Darci Kistler, which really does not look good in 2017) and then he really sealed his fate with his causing a 3 car accident while driving drunk. After that, he became a liability regardless of what the law firm found out.
  5. minervaave

    Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    I think Martins clearly demonstrated the downside of having the position include choreographic responsibilities. It's difficult enough to find someone who can recognize and nurture talent, both in dancers and choreographers, fundraise successfully and oversee the marketing, finances, administration and all the other organizational issues that go into running a major organization like NYCB. Asking them to choreograph on top of that is almost guaranteeing that you will end up with subpar choreography that has to be performed regularly because it is part of the job of the AD. Yes, there are organizations where one person does it all, but I would argue that they are much smaller and less complex organizations than NYCB and do not need the same level of "management" talent, which is an equally rare and valuable commodity as choreographic talent.
  6. minervaave

    Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Really? It's OK for an adult male to date a 16 year old even if they didn't actually have sex? And according to the LA times, they were publicly dating, not just grabbing coffee together. I didn't say it was statuatory rape; I said it was sexual predation. I thought we could agree that in our culture today, an mature adult (not a 19 year old) showing romantic interest in a minor is a line that should not be crossed. Yes, it happened in the past, and people shrugged it off at the time, but I think with our greater awareness today, we can see that this is predatory behavior.
  7. minervaave

    Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I disagree. NYCB is not a court of law. They are a private employer who can fire Martins at will, whether or not he broke any laws. The only standard they should be looking at is what is best for their organization. And it is completely within their rights (and many would say part of the board's fiduciary duty) to remove someone who will tarnish the reputation of the organization and pose a potential risk to the students under his charge. And I will say that his dating of Kistler when she was 16 is certainly germane to the initial issue, which is an accusation of sexual harassment by someone at SAB. Yes, it appears to have been accepted when it happened by the people who were aware of it at the time, but can anyone really justify it morally today? It indicates that at least at one point, he conclusively engaged in what we would now describe as sexual predation. And in terms of the DUI's, I think the last one is the absolute proof that this man is unfit to be in a position of leadership. He caused a 3 car accident because of his reckless disregard for the safety of people around him. He could have killed someone, and no, it would not have been an accident. If it were the first DUI, maybe the board could have pleaded ignorance. But after the second one, any continuing assocation between NYCB and Martins would have inevitably damaged NYCB's name, in addiion to Martin's. (And rightfully so, in my opinion.)
  8. minervaave

    Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I just came across this quote in an LA Times article. "Martins had gone out with Kistler for some months when she was only 16, then the youngest dancer ever made a member of the company." http://articles.latimes.com/1992-12-06/magazine/tm-3085_1_city-ballet/7 Can anyone imagine a school principal who had dated a 16 year old, been arrested once for physically assaulting his wife and twice for a DUI being allowed to continue to serve as a leader of children? And Martins was leader not just of NYCB, but also SAB. If creating a great dance company means tolerating such behavior, then I, for one, think the price is too high.
  9. minervaave

    Marcelo Gomes Just Resigned from ABT ?

    Can we please not make assumptions without knowing the facts?
  10. minervaave

    Marcelo Gomes Just Resigned from ABT ?

    Can we please not make assumptions without knowing any facts?
  11. minervaave

    2018 Met Season

    I'm curious to know whether Lane completed the 32 fouettes during her performance with the Kremlin ballet. Can anyone tell me? When I saw her in SL with ABT, it wasn't just that she didn't finish them, it's that she seemed utterly crushed for the rest of the act. I'd love for her to have completed them this time and hope that will give her some confidence.
  12. minervaave

    Mariinsky Bayadere KennCen Oct 22-17, 17

    I saw Friday night and the Saturday matinee, and it was night and day. Kim and Tereshkina were just on, and they both blew me away with their dancing. And some of the smaller parts (Manu and the 3rd shade) were fantastic too, not just the Golden Idol, which I would expect. I hadn't loved Tereshkina before, but now I can really appreciate her. The way she holds her balances that extra second and has such control over all her movements is the difference between good and great. And Kim was just spectacular. It's a performance I will always remember. Saturday was just not as good - Skorik had a couple of obvious stumbles in Act III that really hurt the magic of the act, And Yermakov didn't do the same spectacular choreography at the end. I'd love to know the name for the jumps Kim did going around in a circle at the very end. Were they 540's? But multiple ones in a row? Even Kim's seres of chaine turns was lightning fast compared to Yermakov. I have heard people have wildly different views on Skorik, and now I am in the not a fan category. She seemed so much less secure than Tereshkina, and that is not a comfortable thing to watch. Things that were memorable with Tereshkina were throwaways with Skorik and she seemed to rush to get off of pointe in some cases. I'm also going to say I was really iimpressed by May Nagahisa, who played the 3rd shade on Friday and was wonderful, and then I found out she was only 15! I can't wait to see how she develops. The corps de ballet were amazing in both shows and totally worth whatever bobbles occured among different casts.
  13. minervaave

    ABT 2016 Romeo & Juliet

    I was there and I thought it was spectacular. Vishneva is such a beautiful dancer, and the two of them had real emotion together. The final pose when the curtain comes down will be indelibly printed on my memory. I have to admit that I have only seen R&J once before, but based on this performance, it's one of my new favorite ballets.