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  1. I know SAB is not a typical boarding school but I would expect the administration to be, at the very least, cautious about students fraternizing with company members; especially after the 2005 Milton Academy sex scandal (18yo senior boys w/ underclassman girl) and the more recent rape case at St. Paul’s. At a typical coed boarding school, dating between 18+ seniors or postgraduates and underclassmen is a constant cause of concern for faculty and administration.
  2. With the donor named I think this scandal may have a serious ripple effect for many individual's and organizations. Honestly, no one can claim "I had no idea" because Longitano posted screenshots of his text conversations on his public-facing Instagram.
  3. After reading this thread it appears to two best candidates for the AD position are Woetzel and Lopez. Lopez has a daughter who is currently a senior in high school so I imagine she would not be prepared to move to NYC until Fall 2019. Following recent events and Tiler Peck's comments to the NYT about dancers "carrying the company, not necessarily the interim team" it feels there is a sudden urgency to fill the position. I think the best solution would be to create a short-term agreement with Wendy Whelan (2-5 years) allowing more time for Woetzel and Lopez to complete their commitments elsewhere. I too have always gotten the impression that there is a company-wide sense of respect and deference toward Wendy. I've also never gotten the impression from interviews or her activities since retirement that Wendy aspires to be tied down to a bureaucratic position like Artistic Director. A short-term agreement would perhaps give a sense of calm to the company; someone is "officially in charge" but this isn't the plan for the next 30 years.
  4. For reference can anyone tell me what actions NYCB took against Nilas Martins following his 2007 arrest or Peter Martins following his 2011 DWI arrest? Newspaper reports indicate that both eventually plead guilty to the charges. Did NYCB punish either of them following their illegal activities?
  5. I agree Waterbury wants money and it's realistic for her to anticipate a financial settlement from Finlay. I also think her lawyer has advised her that it was much more of a gamble to seek financial restitution from NYCB. I think she chose to continue in filing the suit because of the exposure it would bring despite the likelihood that the suit against NYCB will be dismissed.
  6. I don’t think getting money out of NYCB is her objective. I think her objective is to expose the misogynistic behavior of some of its company members who violated her. She could have pressed criminal charges against Finlay, gone to court, settled financially w/ Finlay only. That doesn’t give her the feeling of justice against the 8 other people who were complicit in the crimes against her. By filing a lawsuit against NYCB she is publicly exposing the vile actions of several people involved. As public figures who are representatives of their employer (The face of company so-to-speak) Finlay, Ramasar, Catazaro’s actions are a reflection of the company. Going after only Finlay (who she has a clear case against) only punishes 1/8 of the involved parties. Going after NYCB she can name more of the parties and exact punishment against them. No, she’s not getting money from Catazaro or Ramasar but they are being punished. I don’t think NYCB should be policing its employees, but as reflections of the company through their social media presence I think they have a responsibility to intervene if someone presents behavior that will become a liability. Multiple DUI arrests for example (Peter Martins).
  7. Waterbury's age is questionable. On September 15th, 2017 she posted that she was celebrating her 20th birthday. That would indicate that she is currently 20 and will turn 21 later this month. The court documents may be referring to her age as 19 because that was her age when the relationship began. I'm not sure what to make of it.
  8. Ashley is also Amar's closest friend, he was her "maid of honor" at both her weddings... From a close reading of the complaint and reviewing the support Amar/Lexi have been receiving from company members on Instagram I think there's more to the story. I think there were more men involved who were not named in the complaint for various reasons; because Amar and Zach are being punished for something others may have been involved in I get the feeling Amar specifically is being treated as the guy taking the fall for some others.
  9. Wow! This is so much worse than I thought it was. As many of you have stated you do not follow the dancers closely on social media. I am a millennial and therefore I follow extremely closely. Since spring 2017 I have been waiting for someone to comment on the Finlay/Waterbury relationship, the age difference and proximity to SAB had been a red flag from the beginning. I never expected the final outcome to be this bad.
  10. A few questions for the avid fans. 1. Did anyone attend the Inside NYCB: Jerome Robbins event on Monday? I have a family friend who is a donor but not well-versed in NYCB culture, she invites me to these things so I can fill in the knowledge gaps, it’s a great set up! I wonder if anyone had input on viewing the excerpt from The Cage in the “conversation with” setting. I really didn’t like seeing that work w/ other people on stage. To me The Cage should be entirely contained from the outside/human world. 2. I also attended the working rehearsal of Les Noces today. I didn’t know anything about that work before I arrived. Does anyone have any personal thoughts/opinions on that ballet? The style of the choreography as it relates to the story etc.
  11. I was at the Friday friends rehearsal of Neverwhere and Decalogue. Millepied was there giving notes. I thought I heard him saying something along the lines of “great, just add the costumes, give it some sparkle and good to go.” Maybe they are creating new costumes for the piece. Recreating those costumes for new dancers and maintaining/storing them would be challenging and expensive.
  12. I saw R&J last night (Thursday) and I did find some parts lacking. I know in story Ballets the parents are just there to guide the narrative/give the female lead someone to react to but I wish Lord and Lady Capulette had more to work with. I think the fact that their choreography is “point, take Juliette aside, point, take Paris aside, repeat” doesn’t create a very engageing performance. What stood out most for me was how young/inexperienced the cast looked during village scenes with Daniel Ulbricht; he has a wonderful stage presence and his experience and confidence really stuck out in those scenes with the younger corpes. I was very impressed with Alec Knight, he appears to be really growing as a dancer. I don’t know if Zachary Catazaro will ever be an extremely emotive actor, I think he’ll always be more subdued. Who has Tiler typically performed with in this role? Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to a new partnership. I will say I have spent the past few days in the Virtue/Moire ice danceing wormhole, which will taint your idea of how infatuated love should look on stage. I thought the worst part of the ballet was ‘Juliette’s friends’. I think it was a combination of bad choreography and where I was sitting in the orchestra but both their dances looked very sloppy to me. Does anyone else have thoughts on those brief scenes?
  13. Has this article been mentioned yet? I think the general feeling that Darci’s mother may have enabled or allowed an age-inappropriate relationship stems from this article. “Darci’s mother has been relaxed... ‘I knew we had nothing to worry about.’” http://people.com/archive/at-17-a-california-tomboy-becomes-balanchines-newest-baby-ballerina-vol-16-no-21/
  14. Kathleen, you are right about avoiding discussing consent etc if you are not qualified. I assumed that with her appointment as a teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance in Houston Kathryn Morgan would have been given some type of training for advising students in difficult situations. I think that's a general theme in this thread, who do you turn to if you are in a bad situation? and has that person been given the tools to advise you? It looks like in Kelly Boal's day there was no one to turn to, and now if there is someone he/she doesn't have the tools to handle the situation.
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