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I have always wanted to get a video on the Bolshoi dancing the complete Don Quixote, as I assume it must be stunning (I mean, I tend to associate the style of the ballet with a co like the Bolshoi rathet than to the Kirov). I have NEVER come across a copy of that.

I have a copy of the Kirov, and the Kiev Ballet, but I wud like Bolshoi

Do you know where I cud get some, if there is any at all??



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alas i know of no full-DonQ production with the bolshoi on commercial video. a number of compilation tapes have the last act pas de deux and/or solo moments, but no full-production.

alexei fadeyechev remounted the most recent bolshoi staging, which was toured to washington, d.c. and the west coast. that production was filmed and telecast earlier in japan but that filming was not broadcast here.

with any luck the popularity of DVD will spur some distributors to put some these unavailable films on the market.

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