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Simon Dow?

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last night i saw, for the first time, some choreography by Australian Simon Dow, the previous AD of Milwaukee Ballet, now AD of West Australian Ballet.

two of his works were presented, a pas de deux from Spartacus, and his Rite of Spring.

i wonder whether any members have seen any of his works before, and can offer any thoughts about either of these works, OR about his choreography in general?

postscript: i think this 'rite of spring' is a new creation.

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Simon Dow danced with Washington Ballet for several years (very nice dancer) and was assistant (or possibly associate, I forget) artistic director for a year -- one of the poor fellow who came in thinking they had the company only to find that Miss Day still reigned.

I saw one of his ballets then -- very after Forsythe, during the period when Forsythe's "ballets" had some dancers doing nonstop movement with others walking around with odd things on their heads. I also saw a piece he did for a workshop at WB, a very heartfelt work about AIDS that I didn't find very interesting as choreography.

(I'd also say that he had the reputation here for being a very, very nice person as well as an excellent teacher, especially good at working with dancers who are injured, with a gift for slowly bringing them back to fighting shape.)

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