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Looking for a video on Romantic Ballet

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I remember seeing many years ago (maybe around 1985) on TV a movie called "the ballerinas" (I am translating from Spanish). It featured the Pas de Quatre with Ghislaine Thesmar, Carla Fracci, Alicia Alonso and Eva Evdokimova, together with other excerpts from Romantic ballets. I would like to have a copy of this video if it is still available. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase it? thanks!!


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there are two different films mentioned in your post. the one featuring the PasdQuatre is called: THE ROMANTIC ERA, but there was also a docu-drama called THE BALLERINAS, both were once available commercially but to the best of my knowledge are no longer on the market. it's just possible that on ebay or maybe even half.com someone might be selling a used copy, but it's a longshot.

as follows:

The romantic era 1980. 90 min. : sd. color

Notes:Taped during the eighth annual International Cervantino Festival (Cervantes International Festival) at the Teatro Juarez, Guanajuato, Mexico, spring 1980. Producer: Joseph Wishy. Director: Merrill Brockway. Set design: Ed Wittstein. Lighting: Ralph Holmes. Written by Faubion Bowers. Narration: Erik Bruhn.

CONTENTS: Cassette 1. Défilé, with music by Chopin, introducing the eight dancers: Eva Evdokimova with Peter Schaufuss, Ghislaine Thesmar with Michel Denard, Carla Fracci with James Urbain, and Alicia Alonso with Jorge Esquivel. Pas de deux from Esmeralda: reconstructed and choreographed by John Gilpin; music by Cesare Pugni, danced by Evdokimova and Schaufuss. Pas de deux from Natalie (La laitière suisse): reconstructed and choreographed by Pierre Lacotte, music by Adalbert Gyrowetz and Michele Carafa, danced by Thesmar and Denard. Pas de deux from La péri: reconstructed and choreographed by Loris Gai, music by Friedrich Burgmüller, danced by Fracci and Urbain. Pas de deux from the 3rd act of Giacomo Meyerbeer's opera Robert le diable: reconstruction and choreography by Alberto Méndez, danced by Alonso and Esquivel. Adagio from Act II of Giselle: arranged by Anton Dolin, music by Adolphe Adam, danced in sequence by Evdokimova and Schaufuss, Thesmar and Denard, Fracci and Urbain, and Alonso and Esquivel. Pas de quatre: reconstruction and choreography by Anton Dolin, music by Cesare Pugni, danced by Alonso as Taglioni, Evdokimova as Grahn, Fracci as Cerrito, and Thesmar as Grisi.

Summary: Alicia Alonso, Carla Fracci, Ghislaine Thesmar, and Eva Evdokimova are shown in various pas de deux from the romantic era and in the Dolin Pas de quatre. Interspersed is a discussion by the four ballerinas on the romantic style and comments by Anton Dolin about his version of the Pas de quatre.

The ballerinas c1985. 108 min. : sd. color

Notes:Made-for-television drama in two parts, presented by Polivideo-TVE. Distributed as a videotape by Kultur, W. Long Branch, N.J.

Directors: Beppe Menegatti, Tazio Tami. Producer: Joseph Wishy.

Choreography: Various. Music: Various. Script: Domenico De Martino. Scenery/costumes: Luisa Spinatelli.

Cast: Peter Ustinov (Théophile Gautier/Sergei Diaghilev), Carla Fracci (Marie Taglioni/Fanny Elssler/Carlotta Grisi/Emma Livry/Giuseppina Bozzacchi/Carlotta Brianza/Mathilde Kshessinska/Anna Pavlova/Tamara Karsavina/Olga Spessivtzeva), Peter Schaufuss (Joseph Mazilier), Michael Denard (Louis Mérante), Vladimir Vasiliev (Lucien Petipa), Richard Cragun (Pavel Gerdt), Stephen Jeffries (Nicolas Legat), Charles Jude (Vaslav Nijinsky), José Antonio (Felix Fernández Garcia), Virginio Gazzolo (Igor Stravinsky), and others. Music: recording by the Polish Radio National Orchestra of Katowice, directed by Andrzej Straszynski.

CONTENTS. - Part I: Gautier and the Romantic ballet. La sylphide, Act II: pas de deux of the Sylphide and James, perf. by Fracci, Schaufuss. La cachucha (choreography adapted by Ann Hutchinson Guest), perf. by Fracci. Giselle, Act II (telescoped version), perf. by Fracci, Vasiliev. Le papillon: pas de deux (chor: Pierre Lacotte after Marie Taglioni), perf. by Fracci, Denard. Coppélia: brief excerpts from Acts I and II, perf. by Fracci. - Part II: Diaghilev and Russian ballet. The sleeping beauty, Act III: grand adagio (chor: Marius Petipa), perf. by Fracci, Cragun. Esmeralda: two variations and coda, perf. by Fracci, Jeffries. Les sylphides, pas de deux (chor: Mikhail Fokin), perf. by Fracci, Jude. The three-cornered hat: the miller's farucca (chor: Leonide Massine), perf. by Antonio. The sleeping beauty: excerpts from Aurora's Act III variation and the Act I Rose adagio (chor: Marius Petipa), perf. by Fracci.

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thank you, rg!!! Your information is quite comprehensive. I see you are quite an expert on the subject, and I am very happy with the details you provide, though I regret not being able to get copies of these.

thanks anyway!!!



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