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Stravinsky's Symphony in C

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At NYCB, "Symphony in C" means Bizet, not Stravinsky. But way back when, there was a ballet to Stravinsky's Symphony in C. Perhaps even more surprisingly, it was not choreographed by Balanchine, but by John Clifford. All I know about this ballet comes from "Repertory in Review." So I know that it dates from the 1967 SAB Workshop, had its NYCB premiere a year later, and was the first work choreographed by the 20-year-old Clifford. He is quoted as saying, "It had a hundred versions -- every performance was different, even the costumes were changed constantly. A real baptism by fire. Mr. B kept asking for changes and more changes. I guess he was right -- he was pulling out as much as he could. But I started to hate the music."

I didn't see any of the "hundred versions." Did anyone here?

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