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Agnes Oaks


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I met her after a performance of Cinderella in Southampton. I was too shy to say anything more than thanks and how wonderful I thought she was. There was only me and a little girl waiting and she was so sweet and offered to go inside to look for her husband Thomas Edur.

I don't think she features on any ballet videos apart from one - "Explosive Dance". She dances part of the Sleeping Beauty pdd with Edur. The video also has Tamara Rojo dancing Don Q pdd with Dmitri Grudzyev, Darcey Bussell and Yury Yanowsky in Le Corsaire pdd and Deborah Bull and Ashley Page in a moden piece I've forgotten the name of. There's also lots of non-ballet dance.

There's also another one - most recently from the Critic's Circle National Dance Awards last week on the ballet.co webite. Here you go!


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Never seen anything like it. Haven't ever seen them separately, but together, they are THE TEXTBOOK.

Saw them only once - when shall I have another opportunity ???? - in Derek Deane's brief pas de deux to a Schubert impromptu.

Normally, I'd be against any choreography to "good" music. And normally, I hate "lifted" - hate any choreography with lifts. Women do have feet, you know.

Anyway, in this unusual instance, not only was this choreography to good music that one can look at without cringing, but the way those two dance ! Borne on the crest of the wave !

How anything as slight and insubstantial as seafoam, could be that moving ...

Here are two people who know what it's about.

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