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I am desperately looking for a video of The Sleeping bEauty with Irina Kolpakova as the Lilac Fairy. It was aired at one time (ages ago) on PBS. My friend recorded it , lent me the video, and then I forgot and promptly recorded over it..so now I have to try and find a replacement.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of the recording or a video? PLease help.....

Jeanette x

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to the best of my knowledge irina kolpakova has only danced aurora in THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, soviet ballet, following certain guidelines of russian ballet, classified aurora and lilac as rather different categories.

perhaps you are thinking of the tape listed below in which kolpakova is recorded as aurora, late in her career. there is other footage, excerpts only i think, in which kolpakova dances w/ soloviev in THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, but again she dances aurora opposite soloviev's prince desire. as i say, i've never read anywhere where lilac fairy was in kolpakova's repertory.

here's are the credits for the complete SLEEPING BEAUTY on video w/ kolpakova:

Title:The sleeping beauty/ USSR Gosteleradio and the National Video Corporation (International) Limited ; director, Elena Macheret ; producer, Svetlana Konnonchuk ; choreography by Marius Petipa, staged by Konstantin Sergeyev ; music by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky. U.S. : HBO Cannon Video, c1983. (148 min.)

Danced by the Kirov Ballet and students of the Vaganova School of Ballet: Irina Kolpakova (Princess Aurora), Sergei Berezhnoi (Prince Désiré), Lubov Kunakova (Lilac Fairy), Vladimir Lopukhov (Carabosse), Gennadi Selyutski (Catalabutte), Vladimir Ponomarev (King Florestan), Angelina Kabarova (the queen) ; Prologue, fairy variations danced by Galina Rinchagova (Candite), Yelena Vorontsova (Coulante), Ludmilla Lopukhova (Miettes qui tombent), Olga Iskanderova (Canari), and Olga Vtorushina (Violente) ; Act III divertissement danced by Gabriella Komleva (Diamond fairy), Natalya Spitsina (Sapphire fairy), Olga Iskanderova (Golden fairy), Natalya Apodyakos (Silver fairy), Yelena Yevtyeyeva (Princess Florine), Andrei Garbuz (Bluebird), Tamara Mirzoyan (White cat), Viktor Fyodorov (Puss in boots), Margarita Zenina (Red Riding Hood), and Vitali Firsov (Wolf).

Music performed by the Orchestra of the Leningrad Theater of Opera and Ballet, conducted by Viktor Fedotov.

Libretto, Marius Petipa and Ivan Vsevolozhsky, based on fairy tales by Charles Perrault ; design, S.B. Virsaladze ; production directors, A.A. Mironov and L.M. Shamatrina.

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Yes my bad :confused: So I need to find the video with Kolpakova in it as Aurora;) ..The reason I was watching it wwas because I am learning the lilac Fairy..so I had Lilac Fairy on the brain,and then I got obsessed with trying to find a video with Kolpakova in and somehow the two ended up together..sorry for the confusion. I thought she was too big a star to dance The Lilac Fairy.

Thanks I will go and hunt it down and buy it before I loose it.

Jeanette x

p.s. I don't suppose you know where I can get hold of the tape you listed above as that is the exact one that I had a recording of.

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Hi, Jeanette - (funny - that's my full first name, too :) )

For some time, this Kirov-Mariinsky tape was being sold through Kultur. Try www.kulturvideo.com

It contains the Fyodor Lopukhov/Soviet Era version of the Lilac Fairy variation, not the Nikolai Sergeyev version from the 1921 Diaghilev Ballet, more often danced in the west (see Royal Ballet version for this, also on Kultur video). The true Petipa version (with grand jetes, followed by simple promenade around the stage) is not on commercial tape yet,ie.e., what we see in the Mariinsky's new-old 1890 staging. Maybe next year.

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