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Carmina Burana

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I just posted on the choreographers forum for information on John Butler's Carmina. But maybe it should have gone here.

Anyway... can anyone give me a brief run-down of his interpretation? And please -- not just "monks get bored with cloistered life and want to experience worldly pleasures."

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Gluttony - one of the Cardinal Sins. I can't quite understand why people ate swans in the medieval period, unless they liked all the treatment you had to give the meat in order to render it edible. Vinegar, lots of herbs, a long parboiling before you start the roast, constant basting with rosemary oil - I know a guy who ate roasted swan (legally taken) once. He said once was enough. Consistency and taste like leather! Or maybe it was the vast quantity of wine required to wash the stuff down!

A loose translation of the text is sort of an early environmentalist plaint: "Here I was, swimming along, minding my own business, and next thing you know, I'm lunch!"

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