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Has anyone seen any Nutcrackers?

I say Miranda's and although she was not yet back to her usual self I was so happy to see her again and could see her confidence grow as she kept dancing. Her maturity and experience made it so clear to me that there is such a lack of that right now in the company. I don't like it when the Sugar Plumb Fairy looks the same age as the angels she is leading. I wan't to see a woman taking control and casting a wonderful spell over the land of sweets.

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Thank you Foryourinfo. You review was the only one I've seen of Weese's return to action. I miss Weese a lot and think the company misses her too. She's doing another Dewdrop this week. Regarding the Sugar Plum, I agree that the best interpreters were Ballerinas with a loving, gracious quality.

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