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Het National Ballet's Principal: Sofiane Sylvie


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I just wanted to post this link to a video clip of the French dancer, Sofiane Sylvie, from the Het National Ballet. You can see clips of her in "The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude" and the coda in "The Nutcracker." I just wanted to bring this to your attention because I don't think I've seen anyone finish a fouetté with 10 pirouettes à la fin (which you can see in the clip)...extremely impressive, technically. Has anyone seen her dance?

Here it is:


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The herky jerky quality of this video clip when viewed on my laptop may be misleading but --

Keeping an upright, non-tilted balance did not seem to be a very evident strength in that video. Very athletic, but she seemed to be tilting markedly one way or the other nearly all the time. (Maybe just an artifact of computer animation?)

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Perhaps your laptop was on a crooked table?

Michael, there is no way anyone can finish off a pirouette/fouette combination (and weren't those changes from attitude avante to devante stunning?) with a sextuple (or was it septuple?) pirouette while tilting in any direction. Were she off-kilter, she'd have bailed out long before she got to three or four. Or fallen over.

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That is definitely very impressive. I've seen Jennifer Gelfand do that, and Ashley Bouder, but they are more athletic. The Nutcracker pirouettes bothered me, though...Ivanov (or at least Vainonen) meant for Tchaikovsky's beautiful music to be danced to; presumably that's why they choreographed steps instead of leaving a void and saying "turn!" The athleticism seemed much more appropriate in the first piece, and I really liked the pirouette in which she changed from retire devant to derriere--it was more subtle (a rare quality in a Forsythe work).

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